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Wed, 21/02/2018 - 19:35
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sodom26's picture

Dude ! It just gets better and better.

invisible-horizons's picture

I'll keep em coming! I need to get my goddamn phone now. That will probably have to wait until next week.

sandmanforce's picture

I am listened some minutes ago GRAVE soulless LP. Great bands...

invisible-horizons's picture

Great Swedish Death Metal!

Utter Chaos's picture

DAMN ! ! ! ! Really ASS KICKIN' stuff here, man! My fave's the 1st one - just LOVE it! Wish I had it myself. Killer! Looks like A1 or is it?

invisible-horizons's picture

Thanks! I agree! This album is killer and their best for sure! One of the many classics to come out of Sweden.

It's closer to a A2 actually.

Utter Chaos's picture

Absolutely! "Into the Grave" and "Tremendous Pain" are Grave's best ever releases in my opinion. And YES there are way too many classics comin' from Sweden to mention all of them here (Grave's "Into the Grave", Entombed's "Left Hand Path", Unleashed's "Where no Life dwells", Dismember's "Like an ever flowing Stream" etc. etc. etc.). An amazing country for Death Metal, that's for sure.

invisible-horizons's picture

I 100% agree! Those four albums are like the Swedish Death Metal starter kit, but still, for a very good reason! I think the first release of Entombed and Dismember are the best albums out of the Swedish Scene. Still though, there are many bands that went unrecognized like Carbonized and Nirvana 2002, among many other.

Let's not forget all the great Death Metal bands that Finland provided the world with.

Utter Chaos's picture

Those Entombed and Dismember debut albums (not forgetting Carnage's "Dark Recollections" of course) are what later was called THE Swedish style and sound. Suddenly everyone wanted a damn Sunlight production by Tomas Skogsberg hahaha. ;D VERY important outputs for the Swedish scene. And yeah Carbonized's "For the Security" is a fine piece o' vinyl and also those two Necrophobic demotapes were just awesome. Also Megaslaughter shoud be mentioned.

Finland? Yeah "Above the Mind of Morbidity" by Xysma is bloody BRUTAL! Also I like "Nookleptia" (Lubricant), Nomicon's "The Me" (split CD w/ Sarnath), the Gandalf demotapes, "Grey Misery" (Disgrace) and some more.


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