Metal in other languages

Tue, 07/03/2017 - 14:26

ITT:Mention some bands that sing in other languages, other than English.

I'm hearing ADX and Blaspheme since I have been taking French since last year. It have helped me a lot to learn the language. Also, since Spanish is my mother language I like a lot of Spanish singing bands like V8 and Baron Rojo.

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There's a lot of metal bands that sing in Spanish, also my native language like my countryman DoctorAMDC:

Hermetica, Thrash Metal from Argentina



Transmetal, Thrash/Death from Mexico




V8, Heavy/Speed Metal from Argentina



Luzbel, Heavy Metal from Mexico



Tierra Santa, Power Metal from Spain



Dantesco, my country's most recognizable band



Stress, Brazil's first metal band that sings in their native Portuguese, which I learned the language in college


Some of Korzus songs are sung in their native toungue



Some of Behemoth's songs are sung in their native polish for example this one:


Bucovina, a folk metal band singing in their native romanian


Arkona, another killer folk band singing in their native Russian




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I forgot to mention Pagan Reign also from Russia, another solid folk/pagan band like Arkona:


Masha of Arkona is featured in this song



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Or the first Black metal band, Rotting Christ 1987 from Greece.

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Only 2-3 songs are completely written in languages other than English

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Tulus was always one of my favourites.....I have no idea what they are saying, but I love the way it sounds. Not sure after all these years I'd want to know. Some mystery is good.

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Thy Catafalque. It's basically a one-man project, the mastermind behind the music lives in Scotland but he is hungarian, and all the albums (excluding Microcosmos) are in hungarian too.

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miss click

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Oh I read great reviews about their last album I think,I'm not really into that genre but it's cool listening to Magyar metal sometimes,there are also tankcsapda and pokolgép as good Hungarian bands...
Hajrá magyarok!

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France - Sortilege, High Power, Satan Jokers, Blaspheme, ADX
Japan - Loudness (they have few songs in Japanese), R.U.G., 44Magnum, Sabbat, Metalucifer, plenty of obscure Japanese bands in the 80s that I can't named of.
Colombia - Parabellum
Brazil - Holocausto
There's a lot of bands that I cant named of, even I know what it sound like lol

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Rata Blanca and the early stuff of Loudness! oh and X Japan.

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Well...Brujeria,I can barely understand what they say (thanks to them I learned some fancy Spanish insults,not much else) but hell they are good

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I highly recommend bands in other languages, there are many bands that needs some recognition:

Acero Letal - Chile (Heavy Metal)

Master's Hammer - Czech (Black Metal)

Terminal - Sweden (Heavy Metal, this band wrote their lyrics in slovenian)

H-Bomb - France (Heavy Metal)

Hades Archer - Chile (Black Metal)

Ejecutor - Chile (Death/Thrash)

There are many more bands like X Japan, Rotor (Finland), Alcest, ADX, Muro, Hades (Spain), and others that have been posted early in this thread.

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Peste noire from France.

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Almost every True Norwegian Black Metal band, I learnt the language just so I could understand it all.

Hun dreit paa seg da jeg skjoev klingen gjennom puppen og inn i hjertet = she shat herself when I drove the blade through the breast and into the heart. Taake - Hordalands Doedskvad 1.

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Equilibrium (folk metal) from Germany
First Fragment (tech death) from Quebec

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