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About Petroff, Jofama, Janbell leather jacket

Thu, 11/11/2021 - 19:16

Hi everyone,

I would like to understand, why is it such an enthusiasm for these swedish leather jacket ? And also, why are the end of the sleeves often rolled up in the pictures I see of these jacket ? Thanks.

Corrosive's picture

To sum it up, I think it's just a trend.

10 years ago people killed for the Blue Bird and Moto Cuir style of jackets, these with no collars and mostly red or white shoulders and two stripes on each sleeve.
A few years ago suddenly these fell into oblivion and people started chasing the "swedish style" of Jofama and Petroff jackets. The rolled up sleeves is just part of the trend, I personally dislike it.

But to each their own.

bad_american1992's picture

I think they were popular with the first wave of Scandinavian extreme metal bands, and show up in old photos of Dismember, Entombed, etc. Just like how Nike high top sneakers became iconic with the 80s thrasher scene in America. It's a fashion item that was popular during the scene's rise, and as a result of this exposure, became part of "the look".

Darkkeeper's picture

Thank for the answers. I like the style of these jacket but I'm not ready to pay a fortune to get one (if I find one).

Mastercutor's picture

If you prevail, you shall obtain. To lay your hands on a perfect, or an almost perfect, jacket of this style takes time. I waited for about 5 years until I layed my hands on an original Jofama piece from a local witch.
It's good to know the history of something you like, so, here you go.

Petroffs mostly get their popularity from the Destruction album Sentence of Death. It's also visible on the CD backcover of their Release from Agony album, along with the Hein Gericke one worn by Mike, which is the same model that you can nowadays see in Sodom promo photos - the one without any zipper pocket on the left sleeve, but with a D-ring on the chest and the HG logo on the main zipper.
Nowadays you can see them being worn by many modern thrash bands, too.
The younger bands clearly keep the tradition alive, which I can respect. Doesn't matter if it's a typical replica from the 80's/90's from Bulgaria/Hungary or the original.

Jofamas were popular with the aforementioned bands Dismember, Entombed and many others, like Bathory (my personal favorite, Quorthon nailed it with the studded sleeves on his piece).

Personally, I really like the leather used on these. Even the replicas from the 90's use really light and supple, but sturdy, leather. That's obviously better for non-biker wear, where you don't need the added protection, like with German IXS jackets, but still appreciate some protection against cold. Obviously Swedes know their stuff, when it comes to lining stuffing that should protect you against cold weather.
Replicas of this pattern were also pretty popular in the 90's. One of those can be seen in the photos of Necrophobic.
I believe there also was a pretty rare Hein Gericke piece in this style with the red lining, worn by Wolf Hoffmann from Accept in some older photos, but that's a really hard one to get your hands on - only one I'd consider trading my Jofama for, I guess, since I don't really care about any artificial made-up brand prestige among metalheads, I just like the fit, the pockets and the relative quality of the leather. That's another thing - the leather is one of the best in this price range. After that you get to a completely different price range and to custom stuff (check out the side by side comparison with my custom leather jacket on the left, which was in my family for three generations).

Now, that I got to the lining, the red lining, sometimes called "the Dracula lining" due to it being reminiscent of the Dracula's coat which was red on the inside (not many call it that), is in 90 % of the cases stitched with a diamond pattern. There are also a few with red sherpa lining, which is obviously pretty comfy and warm. It can be seen in some Darkthrone photos, worn by Fenriz, if I recall corectly.
These jackets were mostly designed to have shorter torso and a tad bit longer sleeves to accomodate a typical Scandinavian body type. Many people like the shorter torso thing, it makes it look more 80's like when worn and gives you a chance to show off your studded leather belt or bullet belt, but the longer sleeves might be too long for some. Not counting in the fact, that it's not that easy to find a perfect size. Thus some tend to roll it up. But it's mostly done to make the lining visible and show it off. It actually looks interesting in contrast to the dark black leather and silver zippers. But some might overdo it and they just shred the ends of the sleeve lining up by doing this all the time. It puts stress on the lining/stitching and all the grime and dirt accumulated on it doesn't add to its longevity.
I'm, too, not really fond of doing this with any kind of jacket, would rather find a better fitting one, TBH, but to each their own, I guess.

Good luck on your journey for a perfect jacket!

PS: Define a fortune - if you don't go straight to some scalpers (there's at least one on TSS I know of), you can find relatively affordable ones scattered on the internet without much of a hassle.

bad_american1992's picture

Thank you for the history lesson! Learned quite a bit from this post \m/

Darkkeeper's picture

Awesome ! Thank you for the detailed history. A fortune for me is more than 300€. I found good trades (like a Petroff for 70€) but never my size (I'm L-XL).

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