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Gwynbleidd Scam

Tue, 26/10/2021 - 01:13

Hello everyone and in advance I apologize if I do not express myself well (my English is limited and I am using a translator).
I write this after a user told me to share it on the forums.
A few weeks ago I contacted the user mentioned in the title (Gwynbleidd) with the intention of buying him two back patches; one from judas priest and one from tank. After agreeing on a price, I started to pay by PayPal; Certain problems arose at the beginning, since when entering his email, no profile appeared, so he made the request, and so I could send the money. This happened on September 28th.
After two days (on October 2) I wrote to ask him if he had sent it, and to request the tracking number. It was not until 48 hours later when I got a response, in which he explained that Paypal was withholding the money, and that they would release it 21 days later (on October 18, he claimed). I decided then to wait.
After a few days (October 11) I asked him if there was any news. But this time I got no answer; and he would not have it until he asked again (on October 20) when it is assumed that the money was already released, if he had made the shipment. His reply, 24 hours later, was that he had just been released and that he would send it the next day (that was the last time he answered me). I replied that he will remember to send me the tracking number. I wrote to him again on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of this month, and I have continued without getting a response; despite the fact that in his profile it appeared that he had been connected a short time ago. I have limited myself to sending a request for money by paypal (which I know I will not recover) and commenting on the products that have for sale a warning for all those who make the mistake of trying to buy a product that they will never receive. There has been no shortage of people who have commented to me that I did get to them, that it takes a while to respond but that in the end they received their purchase and blah blah blah. I have limited myself to pass on the captures of the conversation.
To serve as a warning, if you buy something from Gwynbleidd, you will never receive it.

Thank you and again apologize if any part of the text is not well understood.

Thane's picture

This guy is a fuckin scammer for sure. He tried to convince me that my Paypal payment hadn't gone through the first time and that I should try again, even though I had record that the payment cleared. I immediately got a refund and never dealt with him again.

Polite Rude Boy's picture

I got scammed too, tried to buy a patch from him in June, thought I was being understanding waiting for shipping but turns out I was being gullible 😅 hopefully paypal's got my back

Miteux's picture


Bought a patch from him at the begining of the COVID.
Tooke literally 1 year (!!!!!) for one patch to arrived.
You can see my review on his profil

BUT I received the patch.
Hope you'll get yours.


Orchardkeeper's picture

Tried to buy a Necros Christos hoodie, sent him $50 via PayPal, nothing. Started a PayPal dispute so he won't be able to cash out but it sucks so hard. Hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.

DeadByRon's picture

Damn, I bought a Gorguts Considered Dead patch from him back in August. He told me he sent it on Aug 31 but I haven’t received it yet.
I know shipping from Mexico takes a crazy long time so I’m hoping that’s the reason.

BloodFireDeath's picture

I bought a patch from him way back in June. Soon after he told me he sent it out I saw the same exact patch get uploaded by another user saying that he bought it from him. I asked Gwynnbleidd asking if he really did send out my patch and he responded yes and with tracking (though I never got a number). I still haven't received it (if he ever even sent it out) and I've seen other reports about him being a scammer since. I should've given into my suspicion earlier and called him out, I wanted to give him a chance since I know shipping from Mexico takes a long ass time but everything about this is too sketchy to put off. And now it might be too late to open a paypal case

Polite Rude Boy's picture

I believe paypal's window for stuff like this is 5 months, so might still be worth attempting

doctordeath's picture

less assumptions more doing

doctordeath's picture

this is i think the 2nd or 3rd time people have complained about this guy

no karate in pit's picture

doc death on the case

Odradek's picture

Fuck that guy, I also had trouble with him before.

UndeadAgain's picture

I'm late to the party but I bought a Nuclear Assault long sleeve back in like February and I never received it. When I messaged him about it, he asked what size I bought it in, and that was it. Never got a refund or my shirt :(

Grave Desecrator's picture

Same here, bought a Carnage LS in XL and Massacre backpatch last year in augsut, never recieved it. Despite havin bought from him in earlier years and recieved it actually. Dont know what happened to him, but its sad, he also did the tactic with convincing me that his paypal got frozen.

A nameless ghoul's picture

I actually had a somewhat decent experience with him i snagged a mantas patch he took a while to ship and never responded he only responded occasionally. I got it like 2 months after that whole ordeal

DarkthroneJack's picture

Yh I ordered a tshirt 2 years ago still haven't received it and he doesn't respond back this person needs to be held accountable for his actions pathetic human being

MortalFate's picture

Everything will make a full circle.

DarkthroneJack's picture

Cool man

MortalFate's picture

If we are beyond the body and will experience the destruction of the earth, I'll just say processes in astrophyics generate more heat than the sun.

DarkthroneJack's picture


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