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biggest frustrations with metal

no karate in pit
Mon, 23/10/2023 - 08:51

even though we love it there are some things we hate let me know your biggest annoyances of metal be it stereotypes or people who make metal look bad anything

no karate in pit's picture

here is mine

5 sleeveless shirts cause people always assume that im acting tough

4 everyone saying your emo like do i look like i listen to my ChEmiCAL RomANce fuck no

3 die hard thrash metal fans- yes thrash is good but its not the only metal genre thats good and no exodus and slayer are not the greatest bands in the world

2 black metal basement dweller fans- t=you know the guys with the"solo black metal project" and say everything besides black metal or extreme metal sucks

1 how big of a money pit it is from concert tickets to merch from the merch table and then buying drinks then going home and buying more merch

Blade of Tokyo's picture

Those people who believe in the big-lovely-metal-family and that we have to hold on together because we all love the "same" music..
This are mostly the mainstream/power metal fans, and hell no, I don't wanna be compared to them.

no karate in pit's picture

the cringy dungeons and dragon fan boys

SaTaNiC TyRaNT WeReWoLF666's picture

yeah those black metal basement guys do get on my nerves sometimes now i do like black metal mostly the oldskool black metal 80s shit first wave
venom bathory Celtic frost there's some 2nd wave exceptions but thats it

no karate in pit's picture

bout the same with me those bands and a few second wave

GhoulishMayhem's picture

Definitely when people pretend to know shit when they clearly don’t. That and when people (mainly newer fans) will call someone a nazi or some other dumb term because you listen to bands with sketchy people In it. Yes I understand that not everyone can separate art from the artist but that doesn’t mean that people can’t.

Teutates's picture

Oh my gosh, I was once in a metal discord server and someone said “sketch” when I posted a song from the Real Steel channel (which has the speed metal swirl thing). Sent the dude an article about how the speed metal swirl originated and he still thought it was sketch. Wacky. This is why I don’t join metal discords or group chats lmao.

GhoulishMayhem's picture

It’s just so frustrating to see people blindly say something when not knowing the history of it. Real poser shit right there. I can the confusion I guess but it doesn’t take that much to be educated lol

Teutates's picture

Agreed. Cognitive dissonance is one hell of a drug!

MortalCoil138's picture

+1 especially when they spam everyone with their shit surface level opinions and try to act tough when they're not.

Dan's picture

Politics in metal.Stop fucking chucking in retarded politics in my goddamn music.
I don't care about left, right purple or yellow wing extremists but NOT in my motherfucking music.
Most of the time you can't even make out the vocals anyways.so fuck that shit.

Emo's ...hate them too.

no karate in pit's picture

emos fucking suck

bad_american1992's picture

Going to a show and seeing a bunch of overweight fucks playing to a venue full of overweight metalheads, holy shit when did the scene get so fat? Punks are even worse I swear. Should be starting a diet not a riot for fuck's sake... I guess living off of 40oz beer and pizza takes it's toll.

no karate in pit's picture

sadly so

meaningless's picture

hahahahahahaha ....love u dude :D

bad_american1992's picture

Hahaha always happy to see your response on of my obnoxious posts Mr .Meaningless xD
I look at old concert photos I've taken and there were slim attractive gals everywhere, nowadays it is not quite the same ;_;

Darklord's picture

This was on full display at Power Trip recently...at least if you stage dive you are bound to land softly on a bunch of 50 something fat fucks just watch out for their phones though.

bad_american1992's picture


no karate in pit's picture

heavy metal just got heavier

Turdburger's picture

I love my 40oz beer and pizza, though I wish I was fat then can play with my belly more

no karate in pit's picture

you look like a baby i eat babies get in my belly

Turdburger's picture

If you poop me out I will leave my tapeworm with you

no karate in pit's picture

oh hell nah

ZillaMunster's picture

1.) $30 ticket, $4 tax, $6 venue fee, $8 ticketmaster fee , $10 ticketmaster fuck-you-fee, $5 mobile fee, $15 parking, $8 short beer (all head).
2.) Another $10 ticketmaster fuck-you-fee.
3.) Topped off with band shows up late, shirt you want is sold out in your size, and guy in front of you wont put his phone down for the whole set.

I'm sure everyone here has experienced something similar.

Darklord's picture

LOL The fuck you fee is the one I hate most...naw I'm lying I hate them all.

bad_american1992's picture

Second complaint: any band that uses a computerized Line 6 sound or any computerized guitar tone for their albums deserve to be IGNORED. Buy a real amp + pedal and learn how create a tone instead of going through some over compressed Presets. It sounds terrible.

Also any band that puts out new material that is just chugging on open strings with a riff (chug chug chug RIFF chug chug RIFF RIFF, for example) is just lazy musicanship and completely uninteresting.

doctordeath's picture

it's not loud enough!

meaningless's picture

we all getting older...maybe ...its time now to visit a ear doctor .... hahaha...because...i think i can remember that concerts back in days were louder..but maybe its just me :P (and u? lol)

no karate in pit's picture

you know what makes me happy most of the girls wearing the hot topic shirts actually know the band all of them that ive talked too from the quite kids to the popular kids they know the bands on their shirts and ThaT some popular football jock loves cannibal corpse and we had a great conversation bout them

ThatBillyGuy's picture

Here is my list

1. People complaining about someone doesn't know the band on there shirt. Who cares! It's a stupid shirt. If you feel the need to call someone out because they don't know 3 Metallica songs your a loser

2. Complaining about phones or other crap at shows. Why do you care if some guy records a song at a fucking show on his phone or if someone spills a little bit of beer on you. I don't get any of this shit it confuses me why people care so much about this garbage.

3. This one pisses me off the most. People gatekeeping there shitty bands and bitching about how music sucks now. Why would you ever feel that you have to tell people they can't like some band or they have to find the bands a specific way and saying that music sucks now is the dumbest fucking shit to me. Especially when people start bitching about how all pop music or shit sucks. It's the dumbest shit to me.

no karate in pit's picture

i saw a quote once it was something like

"the freedom of speech gives you the right to offend the freedom of thought gives you the right to decide be offended or not"

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

Too many bands trying to be a different, older band that already exists, or hopping on trends (ie pizza thrash, caveman death metal, etc). Makes it harder to find good original material.

Political gatekeeping. It's okay to like the music and hate the musician's views.
(I also hate bands using their platform for overtly political reasons, but that at least is a cornerstone of heavy music so I just accept it).

Metal "news" sites. I'm not on social media, so I have to read blabbermouth and metal injection to find out about tours etc, but it's all the same crap about the same few people.

The fucking cost of everything these days, I started my first kutte before patches went "mainstream" and got expensive. I also started my tape collection before they became trendy. Shows are understandably costlier too, I paid DOUBLE for MDF passes for next year than what I paid for my 2020 tickets (obviously refunded).

Still love the music to death, but am a grumpy old lady now

no karate in pit's picture

love the music pissed at the scene i gotta deal with

doctordeath's picture

That's why TShirtSlayer is the most metal website on the internet :)

Political gatekeeping. It's okay to like the music and hate the musician's views. <-- yes it can be possible, its ever better if people shut the fuck up about their political opinions entirely :)

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

Agreed! In a perfect world...

Greaserjlg's picture

Metalheads who take themselves too seriously and stopped maturing at age 16.
Without regurgitating everyone's points about gatekeeping and band t-shirt quizzing, that crap made me take a break from the scene for a few years.
Wearing 'scary' shirts and knowing 500+ facts about Chuck Schuldiner doesn't make someone a badass. Wish those people would lighten up a bit.

ZillaMunster's picture

Man I am so over the t-shirt quizzing. Old heads asking how someone so young knows of Iron Maiden, like my brother in Christ they sell this at Walmart. It aint that deep LOL.

_Lady D_'s picture

The “ what you know about that? You weren’t even born yet!” Haha

doctordeath's picture

You know tshirtslayer is older than some of the people on here

doctordeath's picture

ofcourse - people who watch shows through their iphone, why not just stay home? why do i have my eyes blinded by your phone infront of me when I"M enjoy the show ?!? what kind of addict are you? you will probably never watch that video again anyway!

and 2 - people who are "haters" of metallica, for no real reason, and ALWAYS when I ask "Have you seen them live?" they say "well.... no", they just have their opinion manipulated by other people

3 - people who say "I used to be into metal", buddy, if you "used to be into metal" you aint ever really into metal !!!! \m/

ok well thats it :)

nameless_rites's picture

As I get older, the level of pathetic man-children that cluster around hobbies like metal (or anything where all you have to do is collect items instead of developing a skill), eventually becomes unbearable. Everyone around behaving like a child wasn't a big deal at 17, but by the time I turned 40 it started to wear on me to the point where I detached from it all.

Eventually I sold/gave away/threw away about 70% of my collection, I still like to listen to 70s-90s metal sometimes but being part of a community that centers around a passive activity like buying/collecting seems dumb to me now. The newer music just doesn't move me at all either.

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