The White Vest


The Clairvoyant's picture

Cool. Very chaotic! \m/

Nater90's picture

Not big on the layout but you got some killer taste.

heavymetalskinhead's picture

thanks! It was supposed to be as messy and fucked up as possible! Looking good was not on the palette

bestial_bunny's picture

Messy and chaotic, just the way I like it! The fact that its done on a bleached vest is a cherry on top of the cake!

heavymetalskinhead's picture

i should show you the inside, some parts are being held together just by patches

Kvlt_ured_Gentleman's picture

I'd like to take this moment to give you props for your taste. You have so many great bands here and in such great combinations.

heavymetalskinhead's picture

Thanks! I like anything thats metal or punk!

Kvlt_ured_Gentleman's picture

Well there you have it then: the perfect taste

Extravasation's picture

Sick vest, looks great.


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Recent Comments

  • where did you buy this gem ?:D
  • where did you buy it ? is it for sale ?
  • Yea'i bet.Moloch always has shirts fully designed.There are more bands from the side of Ukraine who have done that
  • Wahoo, impressive.
  • Mostdefinitely.I have a Japanese reissue of the record including the demo.
  • Beauty!!
  • Same here
  • Great melancholic album
  • A kult black metal álbum
  • I know!
  • Yeah, apparently I'm wearing this one too lmao.
  • If I seem to share your "wearing" selection, wear the caladon brood longsleeve.
  • So it looks like I'm wearing your shirt?!? Check out my profile, there's glitch in the system.
  • Thanks man. Yeah, that's a particularly good photo of Biff.
  • That Von patch is awesome!
  • cool dude
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