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Third Battlejacket

Sun, 22/09/2019 - 19:45

This is my third battle jacket that I have been working on. I got rid of my first two ones because they didn’t fit me. The main focus of the vest is death metal, as it’s the first metal genre I fell in love with.

The most special patches to me are:

-Black Dahlia Murder backpatch:
This backpatch was made from my favorite TBDM shirt. I accidentally ripped a huge hole in it at the airport and I couldn’t live with myself if I just threw it away. So I chose to turn it into a backpatch and I love it.

-Obituary Cause of Death (front)
-Autopsy Skull Grinder (front)
-Obituary logo below arm (side)
-Dismember Massive Killing Capacity (back)
-Dismember Skin Her Alive (back)

There are more patches that I'm going to sew on. I'm planning on fully stuffing this vest with patches like some of the other jackets here on TShirtSlayer.

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2018
Third Battlejacket
Third Battlejacket
Third Battlejacket
Third Battlejacket
Third Battlejacket
Third Battlejacket

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Recent Comments

  • WOAAHHHHH, this vest kicks ass and good job on the drawings on the inside, they look phenomenal
  • Full. Fucking. Flames. Only good bands on this vest!
  • That is just fucking perfect!!
  • Se ve realmente increíble, 5 llamas no son suficientes!!
  • Magnificent!!
  • Wow, that’s impressive!! I only have the black border square patch and an old Cd (R/C Records, if I’m not mistaken)
  • Beautiful collection! The backpatch on the left is one of the most sexiest backpatches to ever exist!
  • 🤘
  • Thank you muchly!
  • Very Nice.
  • A fucking Bo Hansson patch? What a time to be alive! Great album.
  • Cheers!
  • Fukk
  • Highly impressive longsleeve, it looks really really awesome!! \m/
  • Now I'm no Shoggoth wrangler, but the description that Lovecraft himself gave in At The Mountains Of Madness is not
  • It's usually something like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento etc.
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