Second project

Tue, 05/12/2017 - 07:30

Because I wasn't fully satisfied with my first battle Jacket, according to my advance towards perfectionism, and also because I enjoy the sewing, I have decided to make a new one. This is my first idea of a layout. It may change a bit. None of the patches is sewed yet. The backpatch will be Obscura-Omnivium. Underneath will be a big, shaped logo patch of Beyond Creation. Above the backpatch will be a big, shaped logo patch of A Novelist, when they have changed their band logo. Avulsed, Dark Tranquillity, Blood, Behemoth, Necrophagist, Vital Remains, Satyricon, Emperor and Revel in Flesh will get shaped with the soldering bolt. I'll start sewing when my backpatch arrives. From then on I will post updates, when I have done something new. However, I'm looking forward to some years of sewing work. :)

Edit 14.01.2018: The backpatch has arrived around christmas. I have begun with the sewing on January 01. 2018. I have sewed in two additional inside pockets on the chest and one with a zipper on the back.

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Second project
Second project
Second project
Second project
Second project
Second project
Second project
Second project


bad_american1992's picture

I feel like if you have that many patches covering each other, you should shape them so that they 'flow' with the other patches better. Just my two cents.

AcidWizard's picture

Many of the patches are actually going to get shaped, as I wrote in the description. This is not the final layout, just a first idea.

swoz's picture

This is just patch barf.

kingdomofhannover's picture

Well, I think it will look much better when everything is shaped like it's written in the description. Keep continuing like that! Cheers!

AcidWizard's picture

Thanks. I've run through lots of scepticism regarding the layout before. This will confirm me to do it as I supposed it to be. :)

R21's picture

ive some patchs that would look killer on it :)

AcidWizard's picture

Can I see this as an offer? I'm currently looking for a Grave patch and two coffin shaped patches that fit my taste in music, preferably Death Metal, for example. Lots of other patches are booked already. Some will be woven custom, because they don't exist yet, like Beyond Creation - Earthborn Evolution and At the Gates - With Fear I kiss the Burning Darkness. :)

R21's picture

Check my post you might like some im selling ^^
Just sold an grave tombstone some weeks a go :)

The Clairvoyant's picture

Interesting ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished article.

AcidWizard's picture

Thanks. I'll post the first update when my backpatch arrives and I have begun with the sewing. :)

Apparition's picture

Looks interesting. That would be a major pain in the ass for me to sew.


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