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  • Slayer, Lamb of God, Anthrax and Obituary im one Show- Farewell Tour of Slayer in Europe/ Germany
  • Ohh but they are entertaining to watch, right?
  • I think they have played here once... hopefully theyll return someday :(
  • Jajaja no habia visto que eres de paraguay :)
  • Yeahh i think the same way :)
  • Exactly!
  • Didn't know this band had merch, sick shit
  • It's not too flashy but it works perfectly.
  • Yep!!!! Lol
  • Slayer and Obituary on the same bill is going to rule.
  • Prost!
  • Excellent!! Great shirt.
  • Everything looks dirt cheap on discogs...sure, there is an oddball here & there trying to sell stuff for inflated pr
  • During my selling and buying privately and on Discogs for decades, there was mostly consensus that Discogs prices are gr
  • Their best album as well in my opinion...
  • There may be more reliable sources, but i'd suggest discogs and enter whatever it is you wish to sell..then you wil


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