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Tank N.W.O.B.H.M. VS. Deutsch Steel

SodomaniacGermany's picture

Wow, what a combo man! But if i had to choose, i would go along with the German one ;-)
Such a great variety of the best german bands on there. A lot of bands i would like to have on my vest too, but unfortunately i don't have any space left.

Full Flames.

invisible-horizons's picture

Hard to say. I love both!


RnReiner's picture

Sick Brainfever patch!

invisible-horizons's picture

They rule!

Cardboardcity's picture

A set of stone cold killers, love that Rage back patch! Loads of gems across these two, and I like the button placement on the NWOBHM.

invisible-horizons's picture

Thanks a lot!

Southern Rocker's picture


HM Maniac's picture

Really amazing! I like both jackets, and I love Rage's old logo with the chains, They shouldn't have changed that.

invisible-horizons's picture


I agree! I also prefer the old logo even though I also love the logo from 1989-1994.

fauzan big's picture

Awesome vests! One of the best N.W.O.B.H.M vest in Tshirtslayer

invisible-horizons's picture

Thank you!

Spectrum's picture

Not a Big fan of full covered vest but Man, these ones Rules so hard!

egoexmachina's picture

Both vests are great. I really like them very much. Great job.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Absolutely love the German one.
Amazing to see Not Fragile and Paragon on there!!

invisible-horizons's picture

Thanks! Nice to hear from you again! It has been a while.

I think I will eventually redo the German vest since the back patch and some of the parts of the jacket are beat up a bit. We shall see…


Into Glory Ride's picture

Damn I just now realized it's you and then immediately thought "Ok, who else could it belong to if not the man that knows more about German Metal than any German?" Haha!

Been a bit inactive yeah, on the web in general. Too much crisis and hysteria. Online life has neither nature nor weights to lift.

Anyway: Likewise man, cheers!

bad_american1992's picture

Awesome awesome tributes man... that British one with the Tank BP is really great! You mixed in some very interesting patches that most people don't choose to sew on. I remember running into you at the Ritz for some show and you had your German tribute kutte, looks so sick \m/

invisible-horizons's picture

Thanks! Yeah I remember that!

THY ECSTASY's picture

Arrr666hhh total heavy mental! Perfection!

invisible-horizons's picture

\m/ Thanks!

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Just amazing, what a killer vests!

invisible-horizons's picture

Thanks for the kind words. \m/

MungoBumpkin's picture

that giant saxon triangle is dope, where did you cop it

invisible-horizons's picture

OG from 1980. I bought it years ago.

KayLuca's picture

WOW.... Both are GREAT!!!

invisible-horizons's picture

Thank you!

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  • Looks like someone colored on tin foil with a marker, but I like it. Any idea what year?
  • Beautiful.
  • No Backprint I bought it in a gig in Berlin years ago
  • Thanks for the flames! Herzel's "Le Dernier Rempart" was one of the best releases of 2021 imho. 🤘
  • Awesome band and a truly beautiful patch, indeed made by Desecration of Souls, who always deliver top quality!
  • Great to know that. Ahat was the first band I saw live as a kid so always a special name for me.