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Recent Comments

  • Thanks bro You're right..lt was arrived from Sweden
  • I'M SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW! One of my favorite albums.
  • Best Acheron shirt!
  • I got it at their show but Iron Bonehead should still have them.
  • Hell yea,and the colours are fits perfect on the shirt...
  • Yeah, me too... And their old bad ass music...
  • Thanx, Kristof!!
  • I love those Celestial Bloodshed and Urfaust patches
  • Hi meaningless, I got totally lucky on ebay with this shirt a few weeks ago !!!
  • I love that Rotting Christ strip one, been trying to get a hold of one for ages.
  • cheers !!! This one's up for grabs...too small for me
  • Haha! Nä inte jag heller. Vad korta ärmar det är på den här förresten.... Stor tröja med korta ärmar.
  • Thank you so much :) I like it too.
  • Really good looking!
  • The Diocletian one you have is sweet, nice collection you got too
  • great LS ..and one of the best death metal albums ever written!!


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