Metal band : U.D.O.

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Recent Comments

  • Still Awaken their Guardian is their absolute Climax. One of the 10 best albums in the world for all time.
  • Sure!
  • Ecstasy and danger elírtad a címben :)
  • A Masterpiece!!!
  • Indeed.... but first i would have to get this Patch.
  • Well, you can make another battle jacket.
  • That is indeed my plan!
  • As far as I know bro, these items where released only in AMERICA (the continent) but they where send for sale worldwide,
  • Thanks Mate! You can discover this kind of metal kingdom!
  • Almost as cool as the album itself, hahaha
  • Damn interesting stuff with cool Oldschool Covers You upload here, man. Lots of them i do not know yet. Keep em coming!
  • How does one even go about collecting longbox? Was it a north american thing only?
  • Vektor is so good live, id kill to see Razor but i cant afford to take another out of state trip for a while so looks li
  • You said well!
  • Cult german heavy metal band!
  • Yes I know them. Great band!

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