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  • Is this new?
  • nice masterball, this is a great vest, but you should still make a lacuna coil tribute vest id love to see one of those.
  • Hahaha Cheers dude!!!
  • also i dont mind the one direction/bieber thing i just dont like the placement of the bieber one, possible to look at it
  • i like the lacuna coil is that painted?
  • I just type various band names and then shirt or longsleeve and include the words rare or vintage
  • still have mine. bought in 1997 from last epitaph (last episode later)
  • damn thats killer
  • hahaha totally. Thanx man!
  • Just great!
  • Thrash t'ill death ! Best Exodus album after Bonded by Blood \m/ \m/ \m/
  • Cheers mate, great update with so many awesome Aussie bands, ill have to get that Hellbringer patch on the right, it
  • Thanks a lot !
  • Awesome jacket . Like venom center one.
  • Awesome Patchs !!
  • They are in great shape.

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