My Faux Leather Jacket - Update

Wed, 06/12/2017 - 17:11

I've redone part of this jacket and done away with the few coloured patches. (Except the Testament patch, which still has a bit of colouring.)

Added new patches and replaced buttons with pins.

Not for sale or trade
My Faux Leather Jacket - Update
My Faux Leather Jacket - Update
My Faux Leather Jacket - Update
My Faux Leather Jacket - Update

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Recent Comments

  • is it really for sale? you just bought it to sell it again?
  • The picture is really bad, but from what I can tell it's the vintage one and if it is you hilariously underpaid. I
  • > there are many others I like but I don't have them Ha-ha, so true story!
  • Allerdings! Danke dafür!
  • Iron fucking forces!
  • Can't miss the DTL patch indeed, nice and and clean!
  • Great albums indeed! Thanks!
  • Wow! Awesome piece!!!
  • cool!!!
  • Sehr geil!!!!
  • Only ever seen the small standard patch. Looks great!
  • I just got this one as well haha
  • geiles Teil man , cheers
  • For sure dude!
  • Ah, okay. I just posted mine incase you wanna see the differences I was talking about. Either way it’s a cool shirt!
  • I'm not sure. I got it real cheap so if it is bootleg I'm not really concerned.

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