My battle vest

Sun, 26/11/2017 - 21:03

This is my first ever battle vest. I started it back in 2015 and it has come a long way since then. I'll propably add more patches in the future.

Not for sale or trade


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  • Eduardo, i am not sure what they are really...its kind of funny...from what i read on google, it seems there is a guy na
  • Great news, Vadim! So... tshirtsville its not a good option to buy shirts :(
  • Nice! Looks like variation of Zus Kia Cultus
  • Congrats on the first LS! mine was in 1999 Moonspell Opium for the Masses.
  • Nice! This is the original I assume.
  • Got refunded today! They refund like Swiss clock!
  • Nice! Got the same one (and 92 version) This shirt rules.
  • Nice shirt! It's a really cool design
  • First time I see this one. Very nice!
  • Nice!
  • This is legendary
  • really a pity that it is not for sale,, thx!
  • Only living witness, disembowelment, burning witch
  • What are you looking for?
  • Dankjewel weer
  • Thank you!
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