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Recent Comments

  • awesome artwork
  • Killer grab!
  • Nice shirt, man! I wish I could go see a show on that tour, but I live in the Sates.
  • Nice choice of patches... I still need to finish mine.
  • Hi, I hate to bother you but would you happen to know if this is single or double stitching?
  • Congrats on finally getting this master gem!
  • need this in my life
  • Yes! Yes they do.
  • Great start! Machine Head fuckin slays!
  • I really struggled with this album. Wasn't a massive fan of the artwork either.
  • I already took off the nirvana patch and I don't know what will fit there.
  • Good defence! Only long shots gone through. I see Paradise Lost Draconian Times shirt. Probably will grab it :)
  • We're all out here listening to shit. By the way, would you mind posting those pants you mentioned in your bio?
  • Love the pins, the Nifelheim, and that Von patch, bro!
  • I should of bought a few extra copies of this when I had the chance!!!!
  • This is a real gem Love that ep so much... those 3 songs are among easily top 10 katatonia songs for me
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