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Manilla Road Heavy Metal Vest

fauzan big's picture

Awesome!! Nice bands selection and perfect layout

FOAD's picture

Thank you very much. But I am not completely satisfied, maybe I will make a few small changes in the back.

Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Amazing vest!!

FOAD's picture

Glad if you like it

invisible-horizons's picture

What a beautiful vest!

FOAD's picture

Kindest thanks!

Thane's picture

Where did you snag that killer Black Fate patch?

FOAD's picture

This was available a while ago at Burning Leather from Mexico.

Shatafaker666's picture

I’m not a huge heavy metal fan but it looks so cool. Congrats!

FOAD's picture

Then I am of course even more pleased that you still like the vest.

BloodFireDeath88's picture

Another great one man! The Quartz tribute on the back is fantastic!

FOAD's picture

Thank you very much! I had first thought of a Quartz backpatch, but this also seemed like a good solution to pay tribute to the band.

Boss the Ross's picture

You have the best vests dude, holy shit!!!!

FOAD's picture

A very high compliment. I thank you for it!

lole66's picture

Love it, congrat !

FOAD's picture

Thank you! I am glad if you like it

Dante's picture

Fantastic choice of bands and patches, awesome layout! \m/

FOAD's picture

My most grateful thanks!

Psychetealia's picture

That fucking Holocaust patch is incredible!!! Where did you get that???

FOAD's picture

This was once available at Stress Hormones Records / PolyWater from China, but not so many of them were made.

kissman's picture

A True Metal Beauty, Eternal Hails! \m/
5 Glorious Flames!!!!

FOAD's picture

Thank you for the flames!

Looking into the darkness's picture

So many classics on this one, it's like a "best of Keep It True Festival" combined with the old gods, completely in love with this one!!! \m/

FOAD's picture

Very nice description, you can like to see so. I am very happy if you have fallen in love with her. But there is only one true for her. ;)

HM Maniac's picture

I have no words to describe it. Just take these five flames.

FOAD's picture

Give it to me, I'll gladly take it. Thank`s!

Faber's picture

Epic vest mate!

FOAD's picture

Thank you!

zzekk's picture

full flames! great patch selection, jealous of some of them heh

FOAD's picture

Thanks for the flames and the compliment.
Well, I also constantly find things here that I would still like to have... ;)

ThinLizzy71's picture

Amazing.....just amazing!!!!! One of the best l've ever seen.

FOAD's picture

Thank you for your kind words.

Hárbarðr's picture

Totally insane!! Amazing vest man!

FOAD's picture

Thank you very much, I'm glad if you like my vest.

Komplott's picture

Headlight has been sitting at Costa's (Iron Pegasus) mailorder for what feels like ages now. Glad one of the last copies has been put to good use and in great company here!

FOAD's picture

I bought the Headlight Patch 2014 directly from the manufacturer, Terror Execution Prod from China, not from Costa. I didn't think a few of these would be distributed by Iron Pegasus at some point, but presumably the fanbase isn't very large.

welgrrr's picture

ultra brutal killer kutte with exquisit taste!!!FIRE

FOAD's picture

Thank`s a lot!!!

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