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Skaven light denim

Sat, 27/04/2019 - 20:00

another jacket with Skaven on the back.. before painting this my friend pointed out the artwork was taken from Hideshi Hino's Hell Baby, after reading the manga i was only more determined to paint this artwork.

the Gauze and Voivod buttons arn't actualy of those bands but parodies i made with names of japanese idols. these idols are actually fans of those bands. man ive had to explain this to 100ths of people already.

Not for sale or trade
Skaven light denim
Skaven light denim
Skaven light denim

Lack of Oxygen's picture

This is great! Love the look and the bands

gizter's picture

thanks man.


Only great bands, nice one man.

Ragnor's picture

This is awesome.

Reaper's picture

Hey can you upload pictures of your old fully patches vest?

gizter's picture

all patches on this jacket came from that one.

grime81's picture

Nice to see a new post from ya, always good stuff!

gizter's picture

yeah its been a while.

davidgv16's picture

Fucking killer and sick as always

stevenICB's picture

The denim looks nice and worn in. Good stuff!

Nater90's picture

Checked out Skaven fuck I've been missing out haha, looks great mate!!

gizter's picture

its my 4th jacket with them on the back. was about time you checked them out then. ;)

Nater90's picture

Yeah that's true haha, got obsessed with some of the other Crust Punk you and few others got me into, Acute, G.I.S.M, Dystopia, and Doom.

RAT COVENANT's picture

Awesome jacket man! fukkin love it! How was the trip to japan?

gizter's picture

it was great! sadly not as many punk gigs as i hoped untill the very end of the trip. and the days there was one there almost allways where 2 or 3 gigs that night so i had to miss out on some great gigs..
did however fill most of my spare time going to idol gigs and ended up going to a total of 23 shows in 3 weeks so i was pretty bussy.
how did you know tho?

RAT COVENANT's picture

Big Brother is watching your social media activities for a long time already and I'm really fukkin impressed by all of your work. Your jackets and pants are one of the best things I ever saw in general (especially your leather jacket and japanese punk tribute jacket are fukkin awesome which requires really amazing diy skills you definitely have). I also very like your graffitis (especially the Repulsion one...MAGGOTS IN YOUR COFFIN!!!) even that I'm don't really into this stuff. The idea with the buttons on this jacket is also very cool and unique. Anyway you're awesome!

maanelyst's picture

mr. Zuckerberg please relogin

gizter's picture

japanese punk jacket is retured for a long time now. dont like the look anymore and its too big.
leather jacket doesnt get much action ether. it should tho, i really like that one too. but also a size problem since i lost weight.
my friend did the character on the repulsion one, i did the character on the Sodom tribute. we plan on Voivod next.

i gave these buttons to the idols too. they loved them!
Fuko put the Gauze parody on the flyer she made for her Birthday show and Utena used the Voivod parody as her twitter banned for a while too.
i also made a Discharge parody for Rei from Burst Girl and they actually based official merch off that idea.
i choose to only make parodies with bands they actually like tho.

VoodooChild's picture

Nice man. Waar is die button met een Voivod logo maar geen Voivod is van?

gizter's picture

staat Utena.
is een idol onder de naam Nemlesss (vroeger Psybou Kanojo). helaas pas een keer kunnen zien, 2 andere shows waar ik heen had kunnen gaan overlapte met andere shows die toch wel wat speciaaler waren.

Rod Trash's picture

Total killer! Awesome choice of bands!!!

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