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Megadeth It’s been a while...

Thu, 31/12/2020 - 21:57

What is up, my fellow lovers of the heavy shit. Been gone for about 5 years. Life loves to fuck about and throw curveballs. I worked on these while MIA. 7 years total work into both. They say you’re never really done with a vest and they’re right. I’m always finding little things to add or patches to swap out. I get a lot of compliments about placement/layout and color distribution. I wanted to make a couple of organized and clean but tough looking vests. Nothing against the vests with patches and pins everywhere all overlapping with years of dirt and beer on them - that’s just not my style.

Not for sale or trade
Megadeth It’s been a while...
Megadeth It’s been a while...
Megadeth It’s been a while...
Megadeth It’s been a while...

egoexmachina's picture

Both jackets look great.

Army of Dragons's picture

Killer vests! I especially love the Faith no More Angel Dust pin on the first picture! Where did you get that pin?

GregadetH's picture

I got that pin at a local record store sometime around ‘94-‘95 if I recall correctly. Sadly the record store is no more.

Cheeser's picture

Never sell a full vest. Most people won’t match your taste but most importantly a vest is custom for an individual. You’d probably make more money selling by individual patch, too. There’s a few of those patches I’m interested in

Cheeser's picture

Btw ZZ Top back patch with Faith No More looks sick. Really unique one

GregadetH's picture


GregadetH's picture

I actually sold a large portion of my loose patches today. I doubt I’m selling these vests in any form. Wife has been in and out of the hospital and bills are piling up. Debt makes me say stupid things lol

Cheeser's picture

Aw man let me help you out. I’ll take those Primus, White Zombie, Suicidal and Slayer and Maiden circles on the chest

Kingknallo's picture

Both are great .. Where did you get thje Tesla Patch , never seen this before

MetalBrewer's picture

Great ZZ Top backpatch!

oldmate's picture

both are really good, but the top one is fucking sick. Mad selection of bands and TV show, sweet layout and kick ass back patch !

Frodo's picture

Both of these look fucking killer

Thought I'd be most jealous of the No Prayer patch I'm missing but that ZZ Top backpatch just looks amazing

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  • There’s something about the white border that makes this patch even better.
  • Ja, hab ich mich auch schon mit nem Kumpel drüber unterhalten! Wenn das das 7"-Cover von irgendner unbekannten Rum
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