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Immolation Final searching

Tue, 29/11/2022 - 22:26

These are the last two major patches I'm looking for. I know the value of Morbid Angel, but I'm looking for someone to tell me how much the Dawn of Possession vintage patch is worth

Not for sale or trade
Immolation Final searching

gorestar's picture

I think that Immolation patch is like $150-$200? Someone correct me if I’m wrong but everytime I see it go up for sale, it’s around that price range

stepand's picture

With how in demand it is, I haven't seen one below 200

TheSlayers Slayer's picture

Yeah they do go around that prices i would say 150 is a good price for it if someone did find it for that price
I have seen seller want even higher than 200 for it

stepand's picture

yes, especially if it is red border

GoatWhore666's picture

That's about what I expected tbh. It's a phenomenal looking patch. If you see it anywhere let me know! It'll likely be a January purchase with the holidays coming, but I would love to acquire it

_ashes.against.the.grain_'s picture

I've seen them go for anything between 80 - 150 used to 200 - 300+ brand new

_ashes.against.the.grain_'s picture

I have 2 but would only let one go for the right price as the available one is unused. But I'm pretty hesitant to let it go haha

RnReiner's picture

Seriously, stay patient. It's been hardly two years since the Immolation patch regularly sold between 80-100 USD. It's one of those peaks everyone seems to cling to afterwards. We've seen Sadus or Overkill being sold for 200-250 € shortly before the prices dropped to a more "decent" level (e.g.: 70-75 € for Sadus, or, more recently, the Bolt Thrower logo patch). It's usually a handful of idiots who cause the prices to skyrocket for a while, but after the buzz is over, the pendulum swings back. I know that patience isn't en vogue anymore, but it's worth the wait, rest assured ;)

TheSlayers Slayer's picture

Totally agree 🔥🤘

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