Metal band : White Zombie

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Recent Comments

  • Sorry mate, but i will keep this one.
  • Awesome print!
  • One of those cases where even google will not help. No clue.
  • Thanks. :)
  • Its a great feeling knowing you have the rarest shirts on TSS.
  • it is a good album , i have it on cassette in one of my cars , for long drives. nice patch too
  • Ah yes you live in Australia. I'm sure you can go into your back yard and find something that can kill you.
  • One was about four feet, and then she got a six footer at the expo where I got this guy.
  • Nice LS
  • Sick!
  • great
  • It was a blast !! Maiden never disappointing !
  • Altough I think this LS is pretty great a white LS version will be amazing
  • I'm in love with this design, I hope one day i will be able to see Godflesh live
  • They have released an interesting record this year
  • Indeed, mate, indeed. ;)


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