Battle Shorts

Mon, 09/10/2017 - 22:03

While repairing my beloved festival cargo (parts of one pocket stayed in the moshpit) I decided to sew some patches on it. Wanted it to be kind of different so I started my sewing machine and built that Gorefest Erase logo. Everything here is sewn on by hand cause I still wanted to use every pocket. It was horrible... Lots of stuff is selfmade and shaped. There is also some custom made stuff and a shirt cutout. Also there is a small dedication to my favorite band Unleashed and their masterpiece Where No Life Dwells. Legs are separated into a Scandinavian one and one for the rest.

Don't know if many of you guys like it but in my opinion it's okay so far! Your opinions please. :)

Not for sale or trade
Battle Shorts
Battle Shorts
Battle Shorts
Battle Shorts
Battle Shorts
Battle Shorts



So far so good in my opinion, pretty good placement, also, inb4 "put it in other collectibles"


Nice patch choices. The Amorphis old Logo patch and the Gorefest logo are pretty sick.


Many thanks to both of you!


The way it's put together just looks amazing! Great work man I dig it


Vielen Dank! Das freut mich sehr!


Love it. That's pretty much all I have to say.


Thank you mate! Greetings!

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Recent Comments

  • They really need to repress some of their old merch.
  • Was a great line up! Saw them @ Hannover.
  • Nice one \m/ A bit unusual to see a Maiden patch without Eddie.
  • I love the gradient on that logo
  • It's an example of a bootleg that's actually very well made.
  • Cool \m/
  • Killer !!!!!!!!! I have the short sleeve. Never seen the long sleeve before.
  • Awesome bootleg!
  • Thanks mate! It's one of my favourite albums, shame about the fit.
  • Artwork is awesome.
  • Remember going to that concert.
  • Killer shirt, I have five versions of this shirt all of them original but Im missing this one, looks really nice
  • Great shirt for a great album!
  • This shirt is greeeeeat, I have it too /,,/
  • Archgoat BP, Benediction patch, Megaslaughter, Venom GONE!
  • Really cool


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