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This short sleeve was purchased at their show at the Oakland Metro in 2013.

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  • reprint or not.. its still very nice!!
  • That's cool as fuck, can any drummers tell me why there's a chunk out of the top of it?
  • Killer Backpatch! Unfortunately sold out on the bands page...
  • Lol it's not a leather jacket I'm a retard.....still cool though
  • You are a very talented man this is the coolest leather jacket I've ever seen! Well done, hats off to you!
  • This one was "for friends only"... Mostly the shirts were limited editons.
  • Never seen before
  • simple & nice
  • Love it
  • Nice, hard to find some decent merch from this band
  • Nice!
  • I'm glad they did a new batch of triangular Symbolic patches because it looks so great everyone should have one
  • This is (again) fucking awesome!
  • Sehr nice
  • It's 3 inches.
  • looks great, mate!
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