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Cauldron Born Something new in the mail

Thu, 19/02/2015 - 10:40

Got this sweet package of True Metal in mail today.

Not for sale or trade
Cauldron Born Something new in the mail
Cauldron Born Something new in the mail

Nuclear Bear's picture

Got that Existence lp too few years ago, Nice record! and cool Heathen Hoof lp even if i prefer Minotauri talking about Ari Honkonen projects

Faber's picture

Yeah great stuff that Existence, a bit odd, but that's how I like it.
Heathen Hoof is cool stuff. Only know two songs of them (Rock Crusader and Beat from the North). Pretty nice, easy-listening NWoBHM/80ies Heavy Metal when you want some easy Metal. Really dig the crunchie voice of mr. Honkonen. Just listen to Doom Metal Alchamy from Minotauri. Neat stuff, but I think I prefer Morningstar's 'Weight of the Hammer' and 'Kalevala Mysticism'.

meaningless's picture

Caludron Born...what a damn nice Vinyl edition!!!

Faber's picture

Thanks! Saw it passing by on ebay. Couldn't resist it!

nwobhmbanger's picture

Haha, I'm still trying to get that Cauldron Born album.

Mr. Alarming's picture

AWESOME! I've never seen the full artwork for cauldron born before. Is there any way you could take a close up pic of the poster for me? I would be very grateful.

Faber's picture

Thanks mate!

Well it will be an Iphone picture but try some when I'm from football today!

Mr. Alarming's picture


Mr. Alarming's picture

Hey did you ever get around to taking those close up pics for me? :)

Faber's picture

Crap sorry mate! Football always ends completely shitfaced in the third half. Gonna take a picture today!

Acheron's picture

Time of the Sword Rulers is a kick ass album \m/

Into Glory Ride's picture

The Cauldron Born Record is such an amazing record! Got it aswell! Hail!

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  • Does the snapback have anything on the lower part of the cap flap?
  • Thanks man, I think that's the first time in my life that someone has used "nuxtapose" in a conversation
  • Thanks! They all got that similar style.
  • Yes!! This is right up there with Hypnosia. In times speed and thrash was pretty much dead this was a real killer
  • Looks sick mate. VINTAGE!!
  • The Anthrax and Destruction are pretty awesome too!
  • Yes that's right! Bunch of cool ones there.
  • Haha with the Slaughter Lord patch! I remember!
  • Amazing find - got it recently myself too!
  • Great to see some Wolf appreciation 🤘😁🤘 It is such a shame they only released one record, but this one record they relea
  • Possible, I'm not sure I just know Spotify can be pretty scummy
  • Full flames! Great LS
  • i dream of owning one of these of my own some day
  • Hi! I am asking € 350,- for it. Greetings, Niels