Metal Devastation

Tue, 22/11/2011 - 05:08
http://shop.metaldevastation.com/main.sc Pretty cool patches here, I'd have to say like 75%+ of them are imported and their prices aren't too bad. Their backpatch selection is pretty damn cool. They also sell a few Tshirts, a few CDs, Metal pins (pretty expensive though), Bulletbelts, Etc..... oh yeah and fucking leather battle armor! \m/ My only real beef with them is they said they'd send me an email when they shipped my patch, Few days later I contacted them to see if they had shipped or not, no reply. But my patch arrived withing a few days anyway.


Blüdrayne's picture

I bought a behexen shaped backpatch from them, on 18/3/2012. it just arrived, on 30/3/2012.
Free shipping on my item, and speedy postage. quality of the embroidery is good and so is the material the patch was made on. The patch was packaged in bubble wrap, which was a nice touch.
i e mailed them once for an enquiry and they responded within a few days. am very happy with my product, and would recommend this store highly.

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I've never bought anything from them.. yet!
They have alot of really awesome things! But the leather stage-gear is waaay too expensive!

Blüdrayne's picture

yeah, of course. they have a great deal on shaped backpatches, but everything else is nothing special.

DeathRipper's picture

Another of my go to's. Always great. Got several patches and both gauntlets from them.

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The only complaint I have is that the patch I wanted was out of stock and they just send me a random one. Other than that, good quality patches, speedy and free delivery, and they actually did respond to my emails.

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This place actually used to have stores in Arizona when I lived there they always seemed to be closed even when they said they were open but they closed them all down and went all online I believe but yeah I've ordered patches from here and shipping was fast and they have some really nice unique patches

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i have ordered 4 woven patch from there and was arrive early nice stuff

Metalord_of_thrash's picture

They ship pretty quick, product is good quality and reliable, but if you get a belt, go up a size.

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Really good service, I have ordered patches a couple times from here and they always arrive in just a week to Portugal.
The patches are great quality and always come with a tracking number.

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Everything fine with this shop.

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Fast shipping and decent selection. Prices were reasonable.

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I ordered a bullet belt from them and am still pretty satisfied with it, pretty good quality and they responded to my emails and answered all my questions pretty fast


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