Some patches of my collection

Mon, 02/06/2014 - 21:59

I had to pay some bills and want to visit some concerts in the future so i have to sell some patches of my collection, the only patch i am looking for is a in rock patch from deep purple,

make me offers!

no china bootlegs in these pictures!!!

Sale only


shitfucker's picture

Interested in Exumer's and Venom's patch. How much? (Sorry can't send PM yet.)

kvrkkv's picture

Interested in Urfaust's patch. How much for it ?

BlueEyedBeast's picture

I'm very interested in that Atlantean Kodex patch. I sent you a PM inquiring about it, but you have yet to get back to me.

Zallas's picture

HI, ich interessiere mich für deinen Megadeth - Peace Sells patch.

Hab grade den account erstellt kann also noch keine PMs verschicken.

joey's picture

How much for the Midnight?

Wouane's picture

Midnight still available ? How much please with shipping ? I'm From France, thanks

Ironsword's picture

Judas Priest silver patch is still available? How much for it? Thanks

vanadium83's picture

for long Scorpions patch what price you ask?

cassiomjr's picture

mercyful fate and oz, how much?

HeavyMetalManiac1997's picture

Hast du noch den glitzernden Deep Purple?

Kann noch keine PMs senden, habe mich eben erst registriert.

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