Sleep vs Sleep

Tue, 05/12/2017 - 19:18

In case you were wondering if there are two versions, here you have both.

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Doomgarlic's picture

Interesting, I've only seen the right one before. Must say that the left on, with it's subdued colours, does look a bit better even though the quality seems to be a bit lower. Do you know if they're made by the same manufacturer?

Kaef's picture

I doubt it. I'm pretty sure they were made by different people. The one on the left is a bit older, I believe, and I also prefer that one.

Minty's picture

Pretty interesting... I can't believe somebody already re-booted this one. Didn't the first one just come out this year?
And sorry to disagree but the one on the right looks better if you ask me. Haha!

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  • Best album of them, great shirt :D
  • One of my favorite bands, great shirt, always 5 flames :)
  • amazing !!!
  • Got it long time ago..when purchasing metal item...but cant remember when
  • Great patches and taste. Where did you get The Number 12 Looks Like You patch?
  • Just GREAT - I love those SEPULTURA and Sarc√≥fago patches! KILLER!
  • Can antone tell me if this is bootleg? I have one but cant find any information anywhere
  • Absolutely essential. I saw this on ebay too and the price was high but it's definitely worth it for this gem.
  • This is AWESOME ! ! ! ! ! I wish I had one myself...
  • Now that's a really, really cool shirt. Congrats on grabbing one!
  • Thanx, mate! :) Yes it's a pretty cool one. And they still looked "metal" back then - eeeeeeeevil.
  • So cool ! Never saw this one before. As classic as can get.
  • Great Liveband. Have this one on my vest too
  • AWESOME pin, man! I love it!
  • How much?
  • Maybe they will... ;)

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