Sleep vs Sleep

Tue, 05/12/2017 - 19:18

In case you were wondering if there are two versions, here you have both.

Not for sale or trade



Interesting, I've only seen the right one before. Must say that the left on, with it's subdued colours, does look a bit better even though the quality seems to be a bit lower. Do you know if they're made by the same manufacturer?


I doubt it. I'm pretty sure they were made by different people. The one on the left is a bit older, I believe, and I also prefer that one.


Pretty interesting... I can't believe somebody already re-booted this one. Didn't the first one just come out this year?
And sorry to disagree but the one on the right looks better if you ask me. Haha!

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Recent Comments

  • I was only 4 but still can't believe i missed it
  • Damn, I want one of these. The site I saw it on went down a while ago, is there any other websites carrying these?
  • Nice taste! I have the same Nihilist backshape patch =)
  • Thank you guys! Cheers.
  • great, so we wait :)
  • awesome!
  • Thanks man, was stoked to find it in such perfect condition
  • Thanks so much again ! That's some killer shows ! Wish i could have been there.
  • Helloween have some of the best shirts haha, great one
  • Really nice posters!
  • Thanks Mate! Otherwise You all right, friends too dangerous, Haha!
  • Thanks so much ! I am lucky that i kept a lot of my vinyl away from friends.
  • Great record and nice edition! I have this record with order sheet but unfortunatelly the poster missing...
  • Another example of less is more :D It looks great, especially loving that backpatch!!
  • Too cool haha!
  • You all right!


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