Lemmy - Remember me Im gone patch

Demon lech
Tue, 20/12/2016 - 17:22

This is my favourite bootleg patch of Motörhead/ Lemmy till now. Very happy that I got it. Did he had a driving licence for bikes?

Not for sale or trade
Lemmy - Remember me Im gone patch
Lemmy - Remember me Im gone patch
Lemmy - Remember me Im gone patch




Demon lech

to be honest. Its my favourite bootleg patch ;)


Not bad at all! Thinking about getting this also... :)

Demon lech

you should =))


Wo gibts den denn?

Demon lech

Sollte es bei ebay noch geben, von einem Australier. Sonst einfach

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  • Where did you get that Lubricant patch???
  • Of course he is!
  • Its a cool shirt and i baught it too in oberhausen yesterday but did you guys notice that the flag is not correct.
  • It is great mate!
  • Looks really cool so far. The SIGH patch kicks ass.
  • This is really cool. Good taste, bro.
  • >:(
  • Thanks!
  • Whitechapel... I see those tshirt all over the place whenever I got to Montebello Rockfest in Quebec.
  • from a friend .
  • Haha, precise description of your average Deathcore Shirt. A friend once said they all basically look like someone thre
  • 8 x 10cm
  • Coole Kutte. Aber noch ganz schön viel Platz drauf, hehe. Und lass dir nix erzählen wegen der Symmetrie, das ist 'd
  • Where do you bought the Midnight patxh mate?
  • Great Shirt, where did you get this one? Best album ever, full flames!!!
  • Awful names.


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