Fake patches

Left Hand Patch
Tue, 12/09/2017 - 23:53

Fakes patches that I've bought online over the last few months, all advertised as vintage originals. Be careful when buying these designs as there are fakes out there. Don't make my mistake!

Not for sale or trade


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Could you provide a high resolution scan of these?
Thanks for raising awareness

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The term vintage pisses me off....Gets abused a lot.

Cheers for posting!

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Judge them by the border

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I've updated the post with some more photos.

As BHMOXM says the border is the biggest giveaway, but for some of these it is very hard to tell unless you can compare next to a vintage. The Samael patch is very close to the original but the pillars are slightly darker and the occult symbol is less well defined. Once you have both in hand you can feel they have a totally different texture.

The Covenant is a pretty poor knock off, the colours and fine detail on the patch itself are well off.

The Grave patch is a decent attempt, but they have left an area of black space next to the right side Border which is not there on the original, and haven't been able to copy the shafts of light effect on the left side.

All of these have puffy new style borders and crisp feeling white backs.

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Thanks for the update
From the thumbnail I could've sworn the Dissection one was genuine

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I wish it were as unfortunately I have 2 of them :)

Link to the genuine vintage patch here - you can see the colour is a bit off and the "frame" goes right through the shape to the left of the cross, in the fake there is a gap:


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They don't actually look that bad in the photos, but I wouldn't be too impressed if I was buying what I believed to be genuine and received different

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good job, very important info for patch collectors!


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