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  • Killer sweater mate!
  • Awesome shirt! Always loved this print. All those inverted crosses \m/
  • Nice!
  • machie! long time no post, and you've outdone yourself again, amazing tshirt!!!
  • thank u, it's actually a shirt i cut up and made into a bp
  • i still have more... so keep checking
  • yeah, glad i was there and picked one up
  • pretty nice shirt... they had some cool merch with them...
  • same here... didn't expect them to be that great these days
  • me too... !!!
  • yep, i have to agree with you !!!
  • unfortunately they suck these days... too bad
  • yeah... saw them live often back then.. some nice memories
  • Yeah, I liked Pneuma as well but Oi Magoi...man I feel confortably enough to say it's one of my favourite metal alb
  • Damn, mind condition!
  • Amazing selection, great taste, just not a fan of the way the right shoulder is put together with only red while the res


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