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Tshirtslayer Patch design

Wed, 28/12/2011 - 22:42

Well, here it is... my idea for the Tshirtslayer patch! I hope you guys like :)
Horns up to my girlfriend who helped me with her brutal photoshoppability skills! \,,/

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2011

Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture

It needs patches!!! Make it a dead metalhead wearing the vest, like a corpse or skeleton, and one wearing a shirt, and one in a hoodie etc.

But decent start!

Hungry_Mosher's picture

no man i like the clean look.

Stronthor's picture

Thanks! I like your idea, but sadly that is way over my drawing skills, this logo was hard enough for me. the vest was done by altering a clip art. I could also imagine that would be a bit too detailed for embroidery, but it'd make an awesome Tshirtslayer backpatch! :)

ErichZann's picture

How about someone wearing a kutte with the "TshirtSlayer" logo as a backpatch?

Stronthor's picture

my first idea was to draw the back side of a vest and putting the logo on like a backpatch. but when I got working on it and scaled it to the sizes of a regular square patch I felt the logo would become to small to look nice when embroidered. I also tried to split the logo in the 'Tshirt' and 'slayer' parts and put the latter under the former but it didn't look right to me... kinda like a real bad attempt to make a diy Slayer patch or something XD but I did like the idea of using a vest in the design a lot, so I went for the front :)

Rover133's picture

I like the clean look as well, but I would like to see this exact design with patches on the kutte. Just to see the difference. But this simple design should be able to be embroidered by over-zone.com I'm guessing if we made it more detailed, she would not be able to duplicate it.

If someone can make a woven one - them I'm guessing we could do more detail. No clue on my end of what it takes to make a woven one.

Stronthor's picture

sadly I suck to hard at drawing to put decent looking patches on there... also, I made this with the kind of embroidered patches like those on over-zone in mind so I felt I should keep the design a bit clean :) I'm also kind of in the dark about the extent of possibilities with woven patches.

BlackMetalRights's picture

I like it!
Simple, yet amazing!

Stronthor's picture

thanks, I appreciate it :)

Wormwood's picture

I'd buy it

Tico Tyrant's picture

I like the simplicity of the vest, I really can't stand the t shirt slayer lettering. It's fine if that thrash look stays, but I would like the beginning and end of the typography to somehow hook towards the vest, or change in size, it seems almost too plain? But this is just about perfect for a patch!
I guess the two elements are nicely focused, they need to sort of flow together by some kind of link, so if it's not in the t shirt slayer lettering, then perhaps create a border somehow? I'm not sure how to describe this in writing. I'm planning on creating an idea for t shirt slayer logo as well, but not a patch...maybe when I upload it and conqueror my lazyness, you can offer advice on it. I have now been inspired by what you created, great work!

MetalliDeth95's picture

Oh dude I'd totally buy this! But It should be both embroidered (iron on) and woven. I don't own a sewing machine :(

meaningless's picture

its a nice start, at least.some1 started!! :D Also not my real personal taste but its a fine idea :)

Blüdrayne's picture

i feel the t shirt slayer font would look nicer in old english ore some gothic looking font.

Blüdrayne's picture

i like the layout and other elements though.

Rover133's picture

I suggest changing the size of the image on your monitor to make the patch about the size of your typical 3"x3" patch. I did and the detail looks great. I honestly don't think much more detail could be put in there and still make an embroidered patch. The more I look at this as it is - the more I like it.

Blüdrayne's picture

yeah i agree with this amount of detail. too much detail wouldnt work. and black and white would probably minimize production costs too. aside from looking awesome.

maidenmad77's picture

I like this, I say we make like 50 of these limited then the rest with just the logo ;)

Stronthor's picture

lol "when is the die-hard?" XD

Rover133's picture

As an inside joke just to us - have every patch numbered like it is a limited edition - but everypatch is numbered 666. Outsiders would think that each person got the cool number, we would all know that we are together as metal brothers/sisters. Yes I know I'm thinking way too much here. But that is what happens when I type before coffee.

Blüdrayne's picture

666 is too common and gimmicky.

Rover133's picture

Thus the inside joke for us.

Blüdrayne's picture

maybe a number 5 in gold thread over the vest motif for the 5 year anniversary?

maidenmad77's picture

I say we leave it as it is i like this logo limited to 50 with the jacket, then like all the rest are just the logo ;)

SuomalainenNarkkari's picture

Looks good as hell, I will make DIY ;D If its ok for Stronthor and doctor death?

Johnny-Eyeball's picture

Whatever happened to this idea?

Lizard's picture

+ 1

Though I'd prefer an embroidered shape of the site's logo (with adding the est. 2007-idea). Any hope for a TSS-patch in the near future?

Blüdrayne's picture

i'm not hopeful.

Stronthor's picture

of course I'm ok with it, can't wait to see how it'll turn out! :)

doyle92's picture

I don't like the whole vest image to it,
i think we should just have a logo, perhaps embroidered, as a kind of club/membership type thing so we can recognize other members at gigs and festivals!

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