Extremity Retained - Notes from the Death Metal Underground (book)

Der Todesking
Fri, 30/06/2017 - 12:48

Came across this book on the internet... I usually prefer printed books, but in this case I bought the digital version for €9,- (printed version is US$ 20,-) to read on my tablet. Very cool, just started reading it, but already love it! The writer is/was a member of Dying Fetus & Misery Index, & he's talking about the Underground DM scene in the late 80s/early 90s. Also lots of members from bands all around the planet are talking about the early days, & how it progressed from there on. Very nice read, + lots of old school artwork & flyers printed in there too. A real treat for Death Metal underground freaks!

Check it out: https://extremityretained.wordpress.com

Not for sale or trade


Fatal Agent

Gotta check this out, very nice photos. I dig the old school artworks especially!

Der Todesking

Yes me too! I got the digital edition on Amazon.de. They don't have a printed edition there, & if you order it from the US, you know the postage sucks! So I went for this one, & on my tablet it's (at least) as easy to read as a printed book. Really worth checking out, I came through it by accident, didn't know it existed!


ahm....i bought it from Nuclear Blast...., i have the 'real' book at home. Love it!

Der Todesking

Oh really, they have/had it!?? Have u uploaded it? Cool book for sure!


yeah...was checking their homepage in the early morning..but seems they dont have it anymore..but yes, i bought it at NuclearBlast..maybe 1 year ago....or 1,5...cant remember exactly.., ill post some of my books someday..i think.. :)

Der Todesking

Yes please, would be highly interested!


its on my to-do list now..haha

Der Todesking

Very cool! Don't forget it! ;-P


haha..will do..but im such a slow-poke..haha

Der Todesking

Hehe... I am too! ;)

Necro Rican

Looks great!!

Der Todesking

Very recommended!


I've known about this book for some time now. It looks amazing! Something else I've got to buy along with those Choosing Death, Swedish Death Metal, and Slayer zine books.

Der Todesking

It's really cool! I have the Slayer & Swedish Death Metal books too, these all are killer books! Still need to get me a copy of Choosing Death!

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