Why do you wear kutten?

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Mon, 15/02/2016 - 23:06

Saw a thread here asking why we buy band shirts, and it got me thinking... why do you guys wear battle jackets?
I started mine as a tribute to the bands I like (and because I thought 80s thrash bands in their kutten and bullet belts looked sooooooo cool, but mainly as a tribute) because it gives the opportunity to show off ALL the bands I'm a fan of, rather than just the one on a shirt). It became more than that through the years though, and is now more like my history in wearable form. I've traded patches, I've made them, I've received them as gifts, etc... I have patches from bands I've seen live, bands I've booked for my own shows, bands I've loved for years but never saw live, tributes to the fallen, etc. I've had that thing signed by bands, worn it to almost every gig I've been to in the past 3 years, slept in it, moshed in it, partied in it, wore it to important events, and spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours working on it and wearing it.
So, why kutten? What's your story?

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Well, I would say, because of the exact same reasons like you told, haha! :D
I also liked the idea of showing which bands (and maybe some other stuff like favourite beer companies etc.) you like the most and that you have something really personal and unique for concerts and festivals.

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Like you i like showing the patches from the bands that i like and the x subgenre that represents. I'm always accustumed to wear it to local shows and international bands coming here in PR. Also just in case if i travel to a international festival, i added a pr flag patch to represent my island. In my opinion the jacket or kutte is the metalhead's' best partner and pet. (Sorry for my bad english)

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I was in Monsters of Rock back in 2008 and i saw my very frist vest ever. i was so shock'd by that old metalhead with his beer and wearing a vest with a lots of patches on it having fun with his friends. i said to myself:" now that's whats metal about, I need to get one." so i did it and the rest is history.

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To me it is a work of art. Something created by me that is unique and totally represents me. It also provides a feeling of pride for the bands i like and gives me a feeling of connectedness to the metal brotherhood. When u run into someone else wearing a kutte, ur instantly connected and often get to talking, so i guess it helps in meeting other fans as well.

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I wear mine because it's a tribute to all the bands I love, past and present, from Black Sabbath to Live Burial.

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So my friends recognize my dead body when I am sprawled face down on the floor.

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Dammit, I knew I forgot to mention something

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Pretty much on the same line here.
I started my first one years ago as a tribute to my favourite bands at the moment. Slowly it turned into Metallica kutte. After that I've had many variations and nowadays I have few kutte's. Couple of them are dedicated and used only on when I'm working with the band I'm representing on my kutte like Rytmihäiriö or Moonsorrow. I have also Motörhead/Motörheadbangers and Eyehategod tribute vests because those bands mean a lot for me.
I'm sure also one of the reasons for making a kutte in the first place was seeing other metalhead (especially the real old school dudes) wearing ones and also in-real-life as in movie's roadies with kutte's.

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I've always loved music and the artwork to go along with albums and when I first saw patches when I was 16/17 I didn't want to have just a album based kutte so I got several patches of bands / albums that meant a lot to me, I made my genre jacket with anything and everything genre wise, I don't give two fucks if someone hates on a band that I like, It reflects who I am past, present, and future, I made my Morbid and Mayhem kutte because they are two fantastic bands and I wanted to pay tribute to Per and Øystein because their early works with Morbid and Mayhem were just mind blowing. Turbonegro one is done by them and I fucking love em so why not! Plan to add some patches to it, My German Wachbattalion Jacket is just epic and added some pins for something different. My Bolt Thrower one I was thinking either a dedication to them or to English music in general, Still not sure, But love them and their song meanings and Cenotaph has fantastic artwork so went for the BP of course.

I love working on kuttes and hunting down patches, When I see a kutte I like I compliment the person wearing it, Sometimes have discussions, Sometimes not.

Being a metal head is a way of life, It's not a hobby.

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Because I enjoy showing off something that I put effort into making.
I'd love to make a pagan metal tribute kutte someday, but I don't have any concrete plans in mind just yet.

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I wear it because skinning dogs and wearing their fur is 'immoral' and 'cruel' ... Pfft, society.

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showing to people wich bands i love and what genres of metal i listen to.
as easy as that :-p

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to hide my beer belly....

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Because I'm old and it's what we wore to college 35 years ago

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Not to be a whiny little jackov about it, but I'm one of those people that never fit anywhere, and was always the creepy kid that didn't do anything or know anyone (they probably thought I smelled bad, and at least half thought I was homeless, the school even offered financial assistance based on my appearance even though we were wealthy) and I or to high school and I heard about this "metal thing" that everyone was talking about and there were a few kids that would be considered metal kids, so I decided to give this awful satanic cacophony that wasn't even music a try, and I really liked how it sounded, so I started to really get into it and the culture behind it, and I sort of found my place, so I wear my kutte as a badge of sorts to show that you all are my family and THRASH TILL DEATH!!!

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i really like the uniqueness aspect and the idea of making it yourself, also as i got deeper into liking metal i just wanted something that would show it, my first kutte is mostly about video games and bands that i consider my favorites including early stuff i was into, i chose video games because i figured it would stand out from the rest, also i like wearing things that represent who i am

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I haven't started mine yet, but i want to because in all honesty, it makes it easier to make friends. I move a shit ton, so its a useful tool. You have everything you like displayed on you, so it serves as a conversation starter that attracts people you're actually interested in talking to. Plus they look badass.

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