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Sat, 01/10/2022 - 21:11

has anyone ever bought a shirt from this guy Milton333? he’s got some sick BxTx long sleeves i just don’t want to get scammed. all the other people on here selling BxTx merchandise has been admin flagged as a scammer and so far he’s the only one who seems legit. pls help. or if you know someone who’s got those boots that are actually for sell let me know.

bad_american1992's picture

I'm pretty sure his stuff is all unsanctioned reprints, likely made in Asia or Central America. But if you don't want to spend $300 on a vintage shirt his would probably be the way to go. No idea on the print quality or how they stand up in the wash, someone here may be able to speak on that.

CEROXER's picture

all that shit is bootleg made in Mexico, (el CHOPO flea market) they have a maximum cost of 10dllrs and wholesale should be a little less. Whoever wants to send you from Mexico will try to scam you. (the nature of a third world country) try to proceed with ebay any transaction that comes from mexico (safer) the price will be increased. It will depend on the seller of your choice.

MortalFate's picture

Jon of Mors Omnibvs is a very good dude.

Chab's picture

"Whoever wants to send you from Mexico will try to scam you."
Wtf.... Made plenty of deals with Mexican Maniacs... All went smooth.

Schizo's picture

I am a Mexican myself. I don’t scam. I can’t speak for everyone but majority of us are very friendly and don’t seek to scam.

frankie530's picture

Yes there’s lots of bootleg merch items that come out of Mexico and they will take a while to receive at least Mexico to USA but I’ve only had good experiences with sellers there so far

Schizo's picture

He seems legit, But A bit over priced. Check out Blackzonerockstore they have some of those shirts on their website.

meaningless's picture

As far as i know...legit, yes. Overprice (like Schizo said), also Yes. Sadly....
But the mexican bootleg prints have a damn good quality (at least the most of em) i have some at home, bought 15years ago..., still in great condition

AbysmalWind's picture

I got my first "Mexican bootleg" (term coined!) back in 2008 and it's held on nicely, way better than many other renowned brands like Fruit of the loom (mine's a Yazbek). Let's get this straight for once: 90% of sensible metalheads would go for a nicely done and fairly priced boot over the ORIGINAL, FIRST PRESS, STAINED IN HALFORD'S CUM counterpart which usually reaches 100€ or more on ebay and the likes. I'm (not) sorry I can't afford your overpriced old rag. Am I a poser, a false and whatnot for not wearing the original? Then go blame it on the aforementioned speculators and sod me off

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