Drying battle jacket?

Sat, 04/02/2017 - 03:04

Hello everybody. I was wandering if it would be a bad idea to dry my battle jacket in the dryer with all of my patches on it. I don't really seem the harm in doing so. I'm trying to get it to shrink ever so slightly, so putting it in the dryer should do the trick. I've previously washed pants with a few patches on them, and they were all right. However, my jacket has a lot more patches. This may be a ridiculous question, but I don't want to ruin my patches. Any help would be much appreciated!

An Overdose Of Mkultra

As long as they're sewn on you should be okay. I checked out your vest and the only thing I'd be worried about is TH and MW since they look printed/painted.


what ,so bad, happened to your kutte , that you needed to wash it , and dry it immediately , in a drying machine?


Definitely recommend hang-drying it, friendo. Can't say I've ever washed a vest of mine before, but I definitely wouldn't risk throwing it in the dryer!


I'm not sure (my english is not the best):
You want the vest to become smaller???


Let it air dry. If you really want to use the drier set it on tumble dry with no heat.

Overactive Imagination

Don't do it! If you really need a smaller vest just get one :)


Air dry next to a heat vent.


I reckon it might crack/fade printed patches a bit putting it in the dryer. Sewing is probably the best way to shrink it a bit. If you know someone with a sewing machine it should be a super quick job to take it in on the seams on the back or if you're decent with needle and thread you could do it by hand

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