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Is it possible at all to use kleinanzeigen if im in the United States?

Wed, 20/09/2023 - 22:01

I found a patch for a Punk band I really like and want it for my dream battle jacket. Problem is that the site wont let me contact the seller unless im signed in and it wont let me sign up because I dont have a phone number in the EU. Any suggestions what to do?

slayerslayer's picture

you could THINK outside the box and use a "fake" phone number . what are the chances that youre going to get called? just use the nummer of your favourite pizza shop in berlin

KrazyDaKat's picture

problem is I dont know how to get one

no karate in pit's picture

find a willing tss user from EU to order for you and then you pay them back as they send the patch

but remember there is always a possibility of getting scammed

doctordeath's picture

could be,. but sometimes you find someone helpful here

schönheit-der-natur's picture

The Problem is going to be the reactions from the People. If you're going to chat with them, (which you have to, there is no direct buy option) and tell them you're from the States, they're most likely going to say, "No, sorry i only ship to germany". That's going to be your Problem. Get yourself a friend from Germany and ask them to buy shit for you, and ship it to them.
I don't think anything else is gonna work.

However - If you dare, use a temporary phone number from a website, use a german one and create an account. Glück auf!

KrazyDaKat's picture

From my research people seem to think that outsiders are scammers, which I cant fault them for. But the getting a German buddy seems like my best bet. When I get the money Ill offer like quadruple for someone in Germany to buy it and then ship it to me lol.

Sleevectomy's picture

When I lived in France I had no problem ordering drum gear from individual sellers on kleinanzeigen even though I can't speak any German at all. Just explain your situation, that's you've been looking for this item everywhere etc. making sure this doesn't sound as a scam.
I think people would be fine sending a patch overseas as long at you are willing to pay the extra costs, otherwise, knowing someone living there that would agree to do this for you would of course be another great solution.

KrazyDaKat's picture

Well I am in the United States and kleinanzeigen is completely unheard of here. In fact you have to have a EU phone number to make an account and thats the only way to acess the site. But this Norweigan Punk band I have been listening to for some months now is disbanded and never really made it big. But one day I looked up patches for em and found a seller on kleinanzeigen. I have tried to make an account but to no luck getting in or contacting the seller. So getting a German dude to buy it then ship it to me is my best bet. I already met someone willing to do it I just need to get the money first.

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