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Anybody ordered from Ravage Records?

Wed, 12/10/2022 - 03:41

This is their address:


They also have a Facebook:


They have a lot of goodies when it comes to t-shirts and longsleeves, but I think they're Indonesian, and we all remember that scammer "dimasiblis" who has a big red note on his profile for being a scammer:


And he's Indonesian too, so I just don't wanna be scammed if I order something from the Indonesian guys at Ravage Records.

What's your experience with this company?

samael6666's picture

Yeah they scammed me for 300 bucks on shirts. Avoid at all cost

Jonathan666's picture

Shit man, I'm sorry to hear this. When did it happen?

samael6666's picture

Awhile back. I bungled the paypal claim so nothing to do about it but happy to warn people about this poece of scum

Jonathan666's picture

It seems they are from Singapore, according to their facebook, I missed it when I wrote my post. So you're definitely sure it's these guys here:


because they have a pretty good reputation....

samael6666's picture

Yeah those guys. Happy to send over my images of payment. Would love to ask them for proof of shipment but they blocked me when i started asking when they were gonna ship it. So thats kinda difficult

Jonathan666's picture

I'm really very sorry, man....

It's just that on Google they have mostly positive reviews, this is what people say:


samael6666's picture

I mean im not here to make a court case? Just telling you my experience for which i have proof. Upto you what to do with that

Jonathan666's picture

I believe you man, and I'm very sorry about what happened to you. It's just that I planned to buy some nice longsleeves from them and now I gotta avoid them, and that makes me sad....

Thank you for sharing your experience, and I hope you never go through anything like that ever again!

slayerslayer's picture

thread now added to the shop reviews section . https://tshirtslayer.com/shop/ravage-records

Jonathan666's picture

I have to say that despite the bad experience described above by samael6666, I took my chances and I ordered a Dissection longsleeve from these guys. I received a mail in December 2022 telling me that they offer free shipping worldwide in the December month, so I placed the order, hoping they would keep their word. I placed the order on December 14, I paid only 30 Euro - which was the cost of the longsleeve - and it arrived in Romania on January 14. The Customs office (or however it's called) kept it for more than a week in their warehouse before sending it to me, but that's a common problem and it happens in Romania with tons and tons of packages from abroad. Today I received it, and it looks OK, everything is in order, it has pretty good quality.

So bottom line is that these guys DID NOT scam me, and they also kept their word about free shipping. I paid only 30 Euro, which was the price of the longsleeve, nothing more. So, in my case, I had a good experience with these guys.

decimator_moe's picture

Met the owner many years ago. Very unreliable person.

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