Any poser/metal eliteist stories?

Sat, 05/08/2017 - 09:36

I had one just the other day, some guy came up and look at my vest, and i notices he was paying very close attention to my BM patches, especially my dark throne and mayhem one, and said "black metal shouldnt be a thing, id rather listen to motley crue for the rest of my life than listen to black metal for 30 seconds" i replied a stern your opinion, not mine, you can fuck off now, hen walkeds away, and forgwt what i said about guy, it was more of a 20 year old kid wearing a slipknot shirt he cusom made from gildan, it didnt even look real and had the tag stickings way out the back like those shirts do,

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  • Cheers man ! It’s Bout time I got this started ha ha, needed some motivation lol
  • Yep.
  • Love the stud work looks killer. Your hanger looks like its about to die.
  • very nice. can you upload a photo of the back please
  • +1
  • Can't go wrong with Bolt Thrower.
  • Loving the Saint Vitus shape. Wicked taste.
  • Good start. Should get a Pink Floyd backpatch.
  • Dope shirt, I haven't seen this one!
  • Bad ass. Looks great mate.
  • Nice and simple. That Lemmy and Sid pin is epic, two legends.
  • Had a feeling it was yours haha, as always it's epic.
  • Going to steal it. Looks epic man.
  • Oh fuck yeah, great update matey, Alien is a masterpiece!!
  • Can't go wrong with Bathory and Master's Hammer.
  • Heeeeeres Johnny! Massive slash with the knife and has a small cut haha. Great taste mate!

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