Young Battle Jacket

Mon, 08/01/2018 - 05:23

Finally created my own battle jacket, but it is far from being finished. Now I've got something to wear to the all the concerts I plan to go to this year. Both the Pallbearer and Horrendous patches are DIY, couldn't find any anywhere for sale. Any feedback is appreciated! \m/

Not for sale or trade


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Some good bands, Nice Demon Hunter patch! Really good band.

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I got a Horrendous patch from a show, pm me if ur interested

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Looks great so far. Would be cool to see it when you finish it.


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  • Hi man, since the fabric was faded to light grey, I dye it deep black along with other shirts, it back to shine just the
  • what price?
  • im still after this patch, where did u get it?
  • cool, thanks for answering!
  • Actually, i like your version better, don't really know why. The colours are very nice...
  • Nice Uncle Acid bp. And that Cruel Force backpatch is pure class ;)
  • Is that Mercyful Fate woven?
  • Nice colours schemes you got going (blue/red on the left; green/red on the right) Concerning your perfect backpatch, how
  • the version with the grey Totenkopfs is the best print of this shirt in my opinion, still a mint score tho man
  • Killer Demo mate!
  • You're a pillar of the community :P
  • Indeed!
  • Bummer mate. Did they sell out of shirts in Melbourne?
  • Thank you
  • Nice man ! Another one in great condition.
  • Killer ! You have been getting some hot shirts lately. Did you redye this shirt ? If you did it looks awesome.


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