Young Battle Jacket

Mon, 08/01/2018 - 05:23

Finally created my own battle jacket, but it is far from being finished. Now I've got something to wear to the all the concerts I plan to go to this year. Both the Pallbearer and Horrendous patches are DIY, couldn't find any anywhere for sale. Any feedback is appreciated! \m/

Not for sale or trade


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Some good bands, Nice Demon Hunter patch! Really good band.

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I got a Horrendous patch from a show, pm me if ur interested

DukeThylacine's picture

Looks great so far. Would be cool to see it when you finish it.


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  • love this patch, one of my favourites
  • Full flames for the nice studding, for the mob and the rudimental peni patch.
  • awesome shirt, i wish i have bought it too when i had the chance
  • You don't see this one too often! Send me a message if you want to trade for it
  • Camisa eu ainda n tenho, por isso eu queria ver pq, geralmente, os cortes dessas camisas daqui são horríveis, tem uma go
  • Cara, da uma olhada nas minhas postagens, minha jaqueta jeans do Taake foi toda personalizada com patchs da grifo (tiran
  • Cheers DoctorDeath!
  • Their logo looks so cool on this shirt.
  • террор страйкер, фатум и войвод не продашь?
  • Torture Krypt! Old school early 90s tape traders who had Mark Riddick do all their art.
  • I love the Nekrofilth backpatch!!
  • Nice!
  • Cheers man, I will finish it one day.
  • I dig... I gotta take an updated pic of mine; I have a few of the same bands, LOL...
  • Yea it’s a great album.
  • The front looks sick! Where did you get that motorhead pin?