Stoner / Sludge / Doom jacket back

Lord Cyro
Sat, 10/03/2018 - 20:42

Current state of doom jacket, all the large patches are on there now, next step is to print some small patches and get them on there

Not for sale or trade


ButcheredTorso's picture

Every time I see bongripper I always read Bon Gripper haha
Nice jacket though, cool ads back patch!!

Doomgarlic's picture

Haha! The same pronunciation often runs trough my mind as well.

Lord Cyro's picture

Haha now I will never be able to unsee that

OrangeZombie's picture

Wicked good.


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Recent Comments

  • Awesome! Pretty good condition for it's age.
  • Nice, I'd sell my soul for the yellow version... Happy St Patrick's Day!
  • anything of mine you want?
  • „No Fun – No Core – No Mosh – No Trends“ was about this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Burns_(record_producer)
  • This is the CD put out by Wyrd War. Wyrd War's site says sold out...
  • Much nicer than the white one.
  • Would be open to considering trades for this one
  • Merch table at shows ~2015/2016
  • sold where?
  • Was lucky to get it.
  • Where'd you find havohej patch?
  • Coming along nicely, where'd you find the havohej patch?
  • Is this the Auburn Records CD release? I picked up the orange vinyl from Hells Headbangers. Good shit.
  • Epic collection. I saw this all black and white logo bootleg the other day.
  • Great shot, bro !!


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