Scum Eradicator

Sat, 09/12/2017 - 12:27

My Revenge tribute jacket. Still missing the patch from the victory.intolerance.mastery picture lp and the NWN patch with the quote.

Not for sale or trade


Nater90's picture

Brutal dedication!!! Could you pick your favourite album?

Distanz666's picture

Thanks man!
That's hard but I guess I either go with Triumph.genocide.antichrist or intolerance.victory.mastery

Nater90's picture

Most welcome!

Fuck yeah great albums, I'd have to go Scum.Collapse.Eradication myself.

Zixul's picture

looks nice, have the same backpatch, as well as the one on the right sleeve from the Behold. .... deluxe edition - they're always putting some great stuff well worth every penny (in addition to the music :) ) ! Mass Death Mass

Distanz666's picture

Thanks dude!

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  • Von dem kleinen "Skull" Patch weiß ich, dass er mit Genehmigung der Band rauskam (Info vom offiziellen Fanclub
  • Thanks!The band is Four Horsemen
  • Thank you... if you like old school death check them out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3TqPoKejmk
  • Damn! Awesome!!
  • Great story, Jackets & Photos..All the best!
  • fucking i don't know where to start!!! this is fucking SICK!! fucking nice vest man!
  • I bought that for my girlfriend, pretty she won't be selling it
  • Great congrats to you, cheers!
  • yea with his sales I have been snapping up fucking heaps of shit!
  • I did indeed, was a fantastic show, shame more people didn't go to the Perth show.
  • Mind blowing post you got here! I only have the flat and promo poster.
  • Great stuff man! I'm still missing that pin-up. I'll get it one day.
  • Cool sounds like you had a good night. Word from people I know is the show kicked ass!
  • Naw, i was at the show but I got this one from Dysie @ Prime Cuts Music did you go to the show ?
  • Nice collection What is the band between SATAN and MOTORHEAD?
  • Killer


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