Obsessed by Oldschool Updated

Fri, 11/08/2017 - 21:37

Its already a while ago sincei uploaded my battlevest. Major thing which is new is the chain over my Sodom Agent Orange Backpatch. There are a lot of Logos Inside now, too. Keep it oldschool!

Not for sale or trade


Atomicide's picture

nice Division Speed dedication

SodomaniacGermany's picture

Die find ich einfach geil! Hoffe ich werde sie in der nächsten Zeit mal live sehen können.

danielucifer's picture

Die aufgemalten Logos außen gefallen mir.

SodomaniacGermany's picture

Vielen Dank!

Hárbarðr's picture

SDI, Living Death... fucking excellent vest man, once again!

SodomaniacGermany's picture

Much thanks to you! Oldschool Thrash is awesome!

Plague_Bearer_53's picture

Very cool combination of patches and paints, and ripped Death patches are fine too)

SodomaniacGermany's picture

Glad you like my little Tribute to Death and Chuck. Thank you!

InfernalOverkiller's picture

Killer vest!

SodomaniacGermany's picture

Thank you!! :)

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Guess this TShirt!

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  • Awesome patch. Where did you get?
  • Thanks man was a great day when I got it. Was wanting that print for quite some time.
  • Very nice
  • Awesome shirt !!!!! Room 213 !!!
  • Énorme !!
  • Yes,but its too large to wear.Thinking about to trade this...
  • bought it around 2014 from some guy here on tss
  • Biff being Biff - one of the best bands that's still alive!
  • click the obvious [ask about a trade or sale] link at the top that's RED and UNDERLINED
  • click the obvious [ask about a trade or sale] link at the top that's RED and UNDERLINED
  • Thank you !
  • Pretty cool BP there
  • How much for Manilla road patch?
  • I'm sure too, mate :-)
  • If you take off the last 0 of the price from the Mercyful Fate one, sure that I will take it :D
  • Thank you!