My Denim Battlejacket (still in progress)

Mon, 18/09/2017 - 05:21

This is my denim blue battle jacket that I purchased about 4 weeks ago. All of the pins that are on this jacket were actually all on a red flannel of mine before moving them onto here. I know there are a lot of pins and rarely any patches LOL but I'm getting into the bottom of that (I actually love pins). That Black Sabbath Grim Reaper patch above the SATAN patch is actually not sewed on yet but it's pinned on the jacket by a Sterling pin so it will be sewn on soon!

If you can see closely, I have a little skull above the Sabotage square pin that I pinned using a safety pin. I also have a pinned Goomba (from the Mario series)charm far below the Destruction pin.

I also plan to mix my battle jacket with some video game pins(maybe patches), but I do not have any right now so I'll have to look for some!

I'd love to your your guy's opinions and advice!

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My Denim Battlejacket (still in progress)


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Good start, but stick to music-oriented patches

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I honestly would like to mix it up with a few video game related stuff as well but there would be less video game pins/patches than music orientated ones of course.

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Do what you feel like doing with YOUR jacket. If you want to add video game patches then go for it! It's what makes your jacket unique and after all its your jacket so do what you want with it. Looks great so far, love the square Sabbath pins.

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Thanks man!


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i like your square pins, vidya game patches are harder to come by but id love to see an update of this with some gamer stuff

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There is this guy from Greece who has made some old school, woven video game patches. He has Metal Slug and Quake 1 and 2 patches but has done Doom in the past from what I've heard.


Metalheadgamer1970's picture

Sadly he has no DOOM patches available but he has some rad Quake patches!


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