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Overkill Late 80’s cut off.

Thu, 05/03/2020 - 13:19

Late 80’s cut off/ battle jacket. Just wondering if someone can help me out about the jump in the fire metallic patch?? It has two colours on the border and I don’t really know anything about it so if anyone know please do!

Not for sale or trade

Year: 1987
Overkill Late 80’s cut off.
Overkill Late 80’s cut off.
Overkill Late 80’s cut off.
Overkill Late 80’s cut off.
Overkill Late 80’s cut off.


Very nice jacket!!!

BaconTorpedo's picture

Thanks man!

frankie530's picture

Nice old school vest! But I don’t know much about the two border colors on the Metallica - maybe it was black originally but previous owner removed black border and put blue on?

BaconTorpedo's picture

Yeah that’s all I had in mind. But I would’ve thought it’ll be hard to repair it like that..? Who knows but I think you’re right.

neckton's picture

Interesting. I have the same Metallica...always thought, that someone made it themself, but it‘s strange, that there are two... (you can see it on my profile)

BaconTorpedo's picture

Yeah it’s an odd one for sure. See you’ve upload the same overkill one too! That laser eye one is quite a bit more uncommon than the other I think, I’d like to know about them too.

Hliðskialf's picture

The back looks great, especially that Spreading the Disease backpatch looks incredible

BaconTorpedo's picture

thanks man. Thinking of maybe putting a few more on sides

BloodFireDeath's picture

Nice vest, Love the all Anthrax on back! What is the white backpatch made from?

BaconTorpedo's picture

Thanks! It’s just been printed onto some white cotton fabric of sorts. It’s not out of a t shirt

Turn_the_Hell_on's picture

Great cut off!

BaconTorpedo's picture


Bochilis's picture

That blue border was kinda common. I haven’t taken a good look at my patches recently but I remember some having both black and blue on the back part of the borders. In this case I’m guessing it was a factory error. This weren’t so perfect back in the day. You see a lot slanted and off-centered stuff.

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