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Kiss Glam Rock 'N' Rolla

whiteravenmetal's picture

that's a cool The Cult bp, a lot of good Hard Rock in there (lol at "the shocker" btw)

Nater90's picture

Awesome! Killer stuff as always Kimo.

Knightwhosayni's picture

Great one, the back looks awesome.

Satan's Finest's picture

Are those patches made of fuzzy felt? They looks great regardless!

kimo's picture

ll the DIY patches are made out of leather. The fuzzy looking ones are just the back side of the leather rather than the shiny side.

kimo's picture

cheers everyone, thanks for the flames and comments.

devilplayground's picture

Killer glam rock band vest.

vikingdantheman's picture

this is a piece of art mate.
candy harlots. wow. "Hot Metal" days

kimo's picture

Thanks. Good to see someone remembers The Harlots. They were my all time fave Australian live band....well the original lineup at least.
I've still got some Hot Metal mags kicking around at home. Them were the days.

Judas Priestess's picture

Looks nice, I love The Cult patch you made.

kimo's picture

Thanks, I made this one and also a large Aerosmith winged logo, but The Cult one fit better with the backpatch.

perkele's picture

fantastic work !!!

LikkedbyDeath's picture

I ADORE your Crue patch!! :-)

kimo's picture

Cheers.....thanks alot. The crue patch I originally made in the 80's for an old jacket and just gave it a bit of a touch up.

ZAKRAT's picture

great jacket!!! love your diy patches, great skill.
oh and dude did u make that Faster Pussycat BP? or else where did u get it? its really badass.

kimo's picture

Thanks for the flames. I had the |Faster Pyussycat bp custom made from this guy on Ebay, Dirty Ray.

I just put the design together and then send him the image.

Keeperofthesevenkeys's picture

This is a fuckin`sleazy jacket...very cool!!!!

kimo's picture

Cheers...thanks my friend

skullfist's picture

Respect my friend - that's really a great jacket - like it!

streicherzzy's picture

Fuck yes, Hairspray without end.I love all this Bands

warmonger's picture

This looks cool, but there are not a lot bands I listen to myself ^^

NIGHTRIDER's picture

Wow !
Awesome result \m/

hateandwhiskey's picture

Awesome, Love the Faster Pussycat BP!!

kimo's picture

Thanks mate....one of my favourite bands so I had the backpatch custom made.

Metalmate's picture

What a joyful jacket! Love Lordi, love the lay out and 10 flames for the shocker. Where did you get it?

kimo's picture

Thanks my friend. I love Lordi as well....the shocker patch I got of ebay. They're pretty easy to get especially on sites that sell a lot of biker patches.

Metalium1930's picture

My mind is blown, this is amazing!

Trashdad's picture

Very nice battle jacket!

kimo's picture


Kingknallo's picture

I don't See Gun's N Roses as a Glam Band it was the Reborn of Hardrock to me . Anyways great Job

kimo's picture

Yes i agree with you on this but I included them as it was just that era. Although Axl did sport some massive hair in some of their early promo shots.

Kingknallo's picture

Yes That's right Wasp is also more traditional Metal but it was the Time and the Place

kimo's picture

Thats a good idea. I've got a leopard print pair that I don't wear anymore I could sew on :)

kimo's picture

Yes....for the vintage smell.

kimo's picture

You know you want a whiff of that vintage charm.

MortalFate's picture

Douse it with glitter and you're all set.

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