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  • No. Brutal Mind in Indonesia just made these, they might have more.
  • Thanks. As I said the design is for sale on ebay.
  • nice, Any chance for you to sell it?
  • Great design!!!
  • nice shirt,any chance for you to sell it?
  • Still loving this jacket, any updates?
  • Dude! 5 flames for effort!!!
  • Fucking beautiful. I would love to have one
  • Beautiful!
  • Thank you!
  • Thanks madbutcher!
  • Really cool one. Is this new? I think I remember seeing someone was going to repress these, but I could be incorrect.
  • venom and motörhead look so fucking good! great taste anyway
  • Too acoustic and raw for their ears..they wanted it to sound mondern just like every big label these days.
  • Best LA shirt.
  • Wow! Every Thy Serpent boot is nearly cooler than their official shirts.


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