Gamer Jacket (unfinished)

Sun, 03/09/2017 - 01:11

This is an old pic ive got more pins on it now im planning to put a few more patches on it to get rid of repeating patches and replace the claire redfield backpatch with a proper colored one (I drew it and made it myself) I've never seen anyone else have the idea of making video game logo patches for a vest, so its a gaming/music vest, I made most of if not all the patches myself with tshirt paper and fabric. it was started late 2011 and somewhat finished here in 2012 but still theres alot to be done I plan on adding spikes to the shoulders and a hood

Not for sale or trade
Gamer Jacket (unfinished)
Gamer Jacket (unfinished)


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  • Don't really know what I admire most when it comes about Sleep - the visual part of their art or their music.
  • https://makeagif.com/amp/Se-x90 :D
  • Mayhem dead tribute patch
  • Thanks Bro \m/^^\m/
  • Che
  • First time I'm seeing this one. It's beautiful!
  • Classic.
  • Nope, not at all. Did my watch and worked right away. True that, I should get a glow in the dark pen and do it.
  • Welcome mate. Couldn't agree more.
  • Most welcome mate :) yours and bayernpirates tips are always awesome. Handy folks in the community.
  • Welcome. Sweet, look forward to it :) fair enough, I dig cult films I guess. Hate remakes.
  • Great design!
  • Beautiful good job!
  • Outstanding love the king diamond back patch. Check out mine would love to geek out sometime.
  • Where did you find that Wongraven patch?
  • Never knew this was printed in white! Sweet!
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