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  • very cool! ok now i wanna see a backpatch :)
  • By the way, I think the only stripe with a red border is a custom made... I don’t think there’s a vintage one.
  • Amazing collection.
  • Looks very old and very nice!
  • Still have that Cancer patch?
  • So many patches. Awesome vest
  • That's one of the best battle vests I've ever seen
  • Ah, so you're the lost one. That's cool. Yeah, this is a very good project. En Oria, Crucify Him, Onyx, this.
  • Hahaha thanks)
  • underrated thrash from uk. rather death than false of faith is great except the production i think.
  • Awesome !
  • thanx! yes a few beers....or more!!!!
  • mmm 3 hours is longer than hand washing...wonder what that machine is doing...:))
  • Way ahead of you brother, go take a peek on my page
  • Abbath's Motor-worship band!
  • No, sorry.
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