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  • Through good trade pals. Thanks for the fire!
  • Thanks!!! Haha both of 'em!!!
  • How the hell did you acquire this??
  • Yeah...unfortunately there are some exact copies available these days...i don't like those replica shirts...just ad
  • Not something you see much around these days...
  • Yep, i totally agree with you
  • amazing!! how many kidneys for this one? :D
  • Yep, nice color....really looking forward to see the King live once again next year....
  • Wow. Gratulations on the drum skin!
  • Sent you a MP
  • Thanks ! Might be for sale soon
  • It is a really nice jacket
  • Nice!
  • Wow, it looks in great conditions...really great...
  • wave your cameras in the air everyone!
  • Yeah, fair one, you were exactly right! The filming, I’m sure, went well; the gig was great.


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