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Favorite shirt in your collection?

Sat, 05/08/2023 - 13:54

Just curious, what is your favorite shirt in your collection?

For me, it’s gotta be my Carcass Dutch Dissection shirt (followed by Nocturnus The Key).

Not the rarest, but I love the simplicity and back hit with only a few tour dates.

My favorite patch is Gorguts Considered Dead, favorite pin the Pungent Stench.

Deadbeats's picture

Today it's my Bad Religion Crossbuster shirt, its new and totaly "unrare" but i think the design is timeless and the band's still ok.
And My Marduk - Christ Raping Black Metal have a sentimental value to me. I got from IT (Ophthalamia) as a gift given to him by Morgan Evil Steinmeyer

Robin_lifts's picture

Nice story !

Insecurity's picture

Probably my Anthrax x Warriors tshirt from when I saw them last year in Coney Island, NY. Being from Nyc I’m a fan of the movie the warriors and of course a fan of anthrax and the shirt was a must get!

andermatten's picture

my favorite shirt here on tshirtslayer is obviously my tshirtslayer.com '5 brutal years' shirt!! what else?!

oldmate's picture

nice !!!

iodustv7's picture

Has to either be my OG Show No Mercy Slayer shirt, or my Dying Fetus 96 summer tour long sleeve.

Dan's picture

Oeh I have a lot.
My Naglfar Why Hesitate = a fav.Along with the Carcass Necrotism one.
Endstille with the Eiserne Kreuzritter and Frühlingserwachen shirts too.
And the Dissection Storm of the Light's Bane does it for me still....but that one has a story.
My ex sent it back to me after having it for over 8 years in Finland and wearing it and I am happy 'tis is back in my colletion.
Sure 'tis faded but man that shirt was and is king.

Darklord's picture

Instead of listing them I'll just say that they are all my favorites I go through genre phases it seems though, I wouldn't buy one I wouldn't proudly rock on any given day though.

ExMai's picture

BERKEN...totally rare..
Simply a Great sound with a locale as respectful approach.

Must be more famous

klenha's picture

terrorhammer- dawn of the pentagram

MetalNDN's picture

Slayer Root of All Evil August 12,1988 shirt. My first Slayer show. Hollywood, California.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Something between the first Eternal Champion Shirt of all time, the first Urfaust of all time or my 3 old Atlantean Kodex Shirts from the time, there was a separate Kodex forum. Or the Wrathblade Demo Shirt

CEROXER's picture

iron maiden /purgatory sleeveless, from american tour ....i was there..

ExMai's picture


CoronaRadiata's picture

Probably my NIN Fragility screens shirt. Just so clean, and the colours are still extremely vibrant even 22 years later.

no karate in pit's picture

fav shirt my 2023 tour gorguts longsleeve

fav pin gnr night train

fav patch gorguts red logo patch because i got it from luc lemay

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Bloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage longsleeve

absolutedefiance138's picture

A Grave And Here I Die longsleeve. Saw it on nightshift and I just HAD TO

Uhh Frank's picture

probably my Blood Incantation Luminescent Bridge tour shirt

oldmate's picture

Hard to pick one, but it would be the metallica death mag spider


I like it the most cause it looks very much like a female Redback spider, which is a highly venomous spider believed to originate in South Australia

V-o-i-d's picture

Hard to choose but definitely one of my OG Megadeth tour shirts from their early tours.

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