First battle jacket (work in progress)

Fri, 01/09/2017 - 18:40

This is my first battle jacket, definitely a work in progress. I'm still looking for more patches, if anyone has a good source of patches let me know!

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First battle jacket (work in progress)
First battle jacket (work in progress)



Good start, just not really a fan of the small backpatch. For patches, try concerts/festivals, and if you can't find what you're looking for there you might find something on this very site. Also riffsmerchandise, EMP (Large in the Netherlands) has some, but not many, patches as well and of course eBay. Good luck!


Some good bands, Check out the shop reviews tab up top!


looks good man, love the pantera patch.
Try www.goddess.nl for patches, it's where i got most of mine and it's dirt cheap (most patches 2,50).


Haha I just received my order from them, I met someone on vacation who rececommended them to me as well. But thanks anyway! I'll post the update when I finish sewing them! (Wich will be a little while)


nice begin, coole Caliban, RATM en Jimi Hendrix patches.

Goddess.nl idd, EMP/Large vind ik geen goede prijs/kwaliteit verhouding persoonlijk.
Voor underground zooi gewoon bij bands zelf vragen, fb pages enzo. Vaak tering goedkoop.


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  • What he said ^ Blood Like Rain have some of the best bootlegs, keep them bookmarked! Very fast shipping, too.
  • Mister Dead Stock strikes again. Adrien told me about those shops in Spain. This is crazy man.
  • http://bloodlikerain.bigcartel.com/
  • cool old promo photo
  • Thank you !
  • I didn't, it came with a picture disc edition of All Reflections Drained
  • ich habe nur das Poster ... schnief. Das shirt plus Ticket und noch ein paar alte Live-Fotos. Ach schön wäre das.
  • mega hammer - das habe ich so auch noch nicht gesehen
  • Ein affenstarkes shirt - das hätte ich auch gerne :-) Einfach super
  • Thank you, sometimes i'm crazy happy that this site exists, so far i got some really great shit from here, like the
  • Nice patch where did you bought it?
  • Jepp...auf Shirt ist es auch draufgestickt.
  • Thank you !
  • Agree, this one may be one of the best design ever made on a shirt!
  • Sick-ass shirt! nice catch mate!
  • Is it with a backprint ?

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