Fallen angle of crust

Mon, 23/10/2017 - 05:48

Found the jacket (and stiletto) in my girlfriends storage room. It was her mom's old jacket back in the day, and that's where the graffiti on the arm and back came from. Far from complete

Not for sale or trade


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The leather aged beautifully.

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Thanks man!

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  • Good score brother!!!
  • Killer!
  • Thx Antonio!
  • thx, really cool gig)
  • جريفز ازيك انا عمر صاحب تورنيدو , عايزك ضروري و مش عارف اوصلك ياريت تكلمني لما تشوف الكومنت ده ..
  • Im sure many boners with surface if you walk with that in public.
  • It's still available. Just make an offer if you are inerested.
  • thanks
  • i need this for my collection
  • the best heavy metal tshirt
  • Definitely one of the hardest to find in this condition. Great find!
  • that fuckin rocks!
  • Thanks. And I love your nickname. =)
  • wow...keep it sealed in ziplock bag :) This is legendary!
  • Have the exact same shirt! Full flames!
  • Nice! Welcome! If you got any suggestions for the site, just drop me a message
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